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FOTD: Clashing Colours

green + pink1

Hands up if you get stuck doing the same make-up look day in and out?! I must admit I don’t change up my make-up too often. Even though I have lots and lots of different eyeshadow pallets ranging in all sorts of gorgeous colours I tend to stick to my uniform of thick black eyeliner, lashings of mascara and a colourful lip on a daily basis. I wanted to bust out of my make-up rut and put together a face of the day (FOTD) that was bold yet could easily be worn in all situations; be it office or a lunch date out.

green + pink3

I knew how great Wet n’ Wild liners were after Karen bought me one in her amazing gift bag earlier in the year so I wanted to grab some more as we don’t get it here in Oz (if we do can peeps please tell me where it’s stocked!). I bought this Wet n’ Wild eyeliner in Turquoise from Walgreens from my US make-up haul, as I thought I could spice up my usual black eyeliner, and you know what? It’s been sitting in its box ever since I got home. That’s just not good enough! When I picked it out of my stash I instantly knew I wanted to pair it with a fuchsia lip – I just LOVE clashing colours. There’s something about these two colours together that shouldn’t work, but they so do!

green + pink4

I wore this look to a family luncheon and I got two big thumbs up! Everybody loved the green liner – so I’ll just have to wear this more often. Maybe even pair it with an orange lip! Oooooh the possibilities!

green + pink2

What do you think? Are you a fan of mixing clashing, bright make-up or are you a traditionalist and will only wear bright eyes with a nude lip and vice versa?

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  1. you look simply beautiful, Rosie!!! ❤ It's fun to breakaway from the normal day to day look and do something fun! I love these bright and fun colors together!! Super beautiful!!

    On a side note, I had a dream last night that we were driving together and going to some meeting! (It wasn't an AA meeting or anything, I think it was the mall! lol) You were driving and the car was this bad-ass Cadillac coupe =) It was fun and as we were going into the building to our "meeting," we ran into my mother in-law and sister in-law and I introduced you guys. I somehow imagined what your accent sounded like in my dream. LOL. Then I woke up. haha. It was super cool and you are the first blogger I had in my dreams. =) I swear I'm not a crazy bird, just wanted to share!!!

    • Thanks so much – I really dig mixing these two colours and will try it out tomorrow when I go to the horse races.

      That is so cool!! I want to know what my accent sounded like hahahaha! We definitely need a meet up some time in the near future xo

  2. Fuchsia + Turquoise = so ’80s (in a good way). I always love those two together!!! I love me some wild ass color, but day-to-day, I do tend to stick to the same routine also. Reading this post, I cannot believe we actually met for the first time THIS year! Seems like I’ve known you forever! Love you so, and look forward to our next adventure! xoxo

  3. I facking love this look on you! It’s serving me 80s acid pop realness! I may have to hunt down that NYX pink online… I love the rich colour from matte lip creams but they make my lips dry like a toast!

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