OOTD: Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car…Beep, Beep YEAH!

ootd car1

After all the fun of dressing up for the Spring Racing Carnival and being able to wear hats/fascinators every day I felt a little bummed when real life settled back in and I had to go back to a hat-less existence. We just don’t wear enough hats as a society! More hats, more often I say.

ootd kmart hat

ootd chambray dressI bought this little straw fedora a couple of months ago from Kmart for $9 and thought it’d be a fab addition to my accessories collection for the upcoming sunny summer days or on those occasions when I’m in dire need of the bleach bottle and I’m weeks away from seeing my hairdresser. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a dick when I wear a hat because so few people (women, that is) do but I’m going to try and throw caution to the wind and just rock it on the reg!

ootd chambray dress2Here I’ve teamed it with a chambray dress from Mix Apparel that I bought way back when I was out on a “chambray hunt”. This little beauty was only $29 and I love that it’s just a simple tie-up smock. I fear that it could border a bit on the Prisoner – Cell Block H side so I know I have to wear a lot of bling to make sure it doesn’t look like I may shank someone in the shower stalls! Also it gets creased super easily – I promise I ironed this before the shoot (FYI I never iron usually – I hate ironing!) but it’s just that kind of material that crinkles at the drop of a hat *pardon the pun, ahem*

ootd chambray dress3My favourite part of the outfit though would have to be my new ballet flats that I just scored from Kmart, they were on sale for $7!! I don’t think the pics do them justice at all. They are ivory with floral lace detail and are super cute. 
ootd bag & shoesI finished off my OOTD with my elephant necklace and Pop Art clutch that were both gifts – so my entire outfit came to $45…ding, ding, ding IS THAT THE BARGAIN BELL I HEAR?! (yes, I just made that phrase up, but I’m totally going to use that again!)

ootd car17Happy Monday my gorgeous dollface(s)! Did you all have an amazing weekend? What did you get up to?


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  1. This is such a cute outfit and your’e right more women need to start wearing hats…me being on of them haha! My weekend was filled with such great excitement and blessings I can’t wait to share on my blog the amazing things I’ve been up too 😉

  2. You should definitely wear hats more often, suits you! And I love bargains, I have always been that person to brag about how little I paid for something rather than the other way around. I’m also missing the extra effort I put in for Frocktober so I’m basically still at it most days, it feels so nice to be a bit more done up.

    • Thanks Ana!

      I’m the same, I’d rather brag about how cheap things are rather than how MUCH I’ve spent – it’s the ethnic in me!

      I really wish I did Frocktober, I’ll have to remember next year and participate, looks like fun and you smashed it 🙂 ❤

  3. Yaaaas, women should wear hats more often!!! Especially fascinators and all of the wonderful pillbox creations!!!! I, alone, in the redneck-ness of where I live, wear cloche hats (channeling Stevie in the “Gypsy” video) and newsboy caps, houndstooth caps, beanies….they look at me like I’m crazy (or maybe because I’m Asian????). I am now going to take blog photos with said accoutrements planted firmly on my head. Keep your eyes peeled!!! The hat revolution is on!!!

  4. Oh sheeeyit you and Mama Karen just inspired me to get one of those ludicrously large floppy J-Lo hats. Loved this look shnookums, you are slaying with that dress! Excellent clutch teehee! Xo

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