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How Do You Chillax?



It may surprise some of you dollfaces to know that I can be a little highly strung. Yeah, yeah I know I appear to be totally cool and in control but I can be one big ball of anxiety and it gets very tiring VERY QUICKLY! By the end of the working week there’s nothing more I love to do than to go home and face plant the couch and CHILLAX (you know, chill out and relax)! But sometimes that’s a little easier said than done, sometimes I just can’t find the off switch.

These are those times when watching the Kardashians chicks, who usually put me into a slight tranquil trance, doesn’t work and I have to pull out the big guns and use my go-to chillax methods that work 99.99% of the time (for that .01% only straight tequila will work – I joke….or do I?!). In no particular order these are my favourite ways to chillax and get some quality Rosie time…

1. Exercise – although I can be a very lazy biznatch when I want to be I know there’s nothing more beneficial to my mental state then to go out and sweat it out! Whether it be a gruelling HIIT session or a long walk I love the feeling of being tired for an actual reason and not just because I’ve worked myself into a state. Once it’s all done I love the calm that comes to me after exercising.

meditating cat


2. Meditation – Now I’m not talking about bending myself into a pretzel and chanting om’s – if that works for you that’s great, but my style of meditation is usually me just lying down and taking some deep breaths and thinking calm thoughts – these are commonly Johnny Depp in nature.



3. Music – this is a huge one for me! If I’m particularly stressed out at work or on public transport and the guy next to me is mouth breathing on me as if his life depended on it then I pop on some tunes and all my worries melt away. If I’m after some rocking out and a giggle then I look no further than Steel Panther (I’ve warned you before, these guys are filthy and fabulous – listen at your own risk).



4. Bath time – I don’t tend to have baths as much as I used to as I generally talk myself out of wasting all that water, but sometimes there’s nothing else that’ll work than soaking in a hot tub filled with bubbles, some candles burning, mellow tunes on the stereo and a large glass of red wine. Heavenly!

Cat massage - picture is all over the internet so must be in the public domain


5. Massage – now this is what I’m talking about!! I know some people aren’t into them (weirdos) but now and then there’s nothing that relaxes me like having my muscles kneaded and pummelled into submission. I told you I was tense right? Without a doubt my massage therapist will mention how taut my muscles are! This is why I don’t see massages as a treat – it’s more a necessity for me.


6. Reading – at the end of the day there’s something special about crawling into bed and getting lost in a fabulous book. I love it when I simply can’t put my book down as I need to know how it all ends.

Now over to you, what are you favourite ways to unwind and chillax?

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  1. Ya I’m a weirdo, I only want a massage from my hubs. No strangers please:) I can get on board with bath and glass of wine, a nice walk or punching a bag (boxing not an ol’ woman! Lol), flipping mindlessly thru a magazine is nice too. Love all the kitty pics!

  2. All of your methodology works well for me! Except for meditation – I have tried so many times, even read books on it – “Eight Minute Meditation” – my brain just can’t shut up!!! Very past due for my massage!!!

  3. Awww I ADORED this post! The kitty pics made me chuckle and I’m just loving the shiz out of your tips. You know me- worrying is my cardio LOL! My faves would be the massage (happy ending optional) and definitely the reading. And I love me some lavender oil to soothe away the fuckeries of the day ♡

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