OOTD: Melbourne Black

melb black4I once met a woman in Brisbane who was telling me a story about coming to Melbourne for a wedding and she knew she was the only out-of-towner because all the other attendees were wearing all black. That sums up Melbourne to a tee! Melburnians love to dress head to toe in black, I kinda think New Yorkers would be the same (am I right?) I may be one of the few exceptions who loves to inject lots and lots of colour into my wardrobe in this city. It’s very rare that I would wear an all black ensemble.

melb black2

melb black1I recently read this article about the one thing Anna Wintour would never wear which is head to toe black. I couldn’t believe the queen of chic wouldn’t wear an all black ensemble – just like me! Or could I? Why haven’t I embraced my cities passion? I’ve always felt like I look like I’m going to a funeral or an old ethnic woman in mourning, but if I were to jazz it up and wear some funky pieces it didn’t have to look so drab.

melb black9
melb black14I thought the best way to wear a black outfit would be a skirt and top, not a pair of pants as that would feel like too, too much. Of course Kmart had the answer! I found this cute pair of skorts for only $17. Not only was I branching out of my comfort zone and wearing all black, but I was also willing to wear shorts. I haven’t worn a pair in God knows how long! On the rack this brocade pattern tee didn’t really do anything for me, but the price tag called out to me – it was on sale for $5!! When I popped the outfit together in the change rooms I was sold. I really like that the pattern breaks up all the ebony.

melb black16I finished off my OOTD with my fabulous Coach heels (another sale item but let’s just say they were a little more than $5) an old floral headband and my new Quay sunnies. I don’t know, I think my fellow Melburnians may be onto something – I’m really digging this look! What do you think dollface, should I wear black more often?

melb black20


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  1. O_O
    OHHHH MY GOSH! Look at my gal! Girl you are effing slaying out there! This outfit giveth me life- you look absolutely stunning. I actually gasped out loud. Dem legs!! I demand that you leave them out on a permanent basis. Loved this ♥♥♥

  2. The brocade pattern definitely makes a HUGE difference! Great pairing! With my Jap coloring, I could never really pull off black. My first “real” hairdresser was gay, and when he would put the black cape on me for color, he would say, “Girl, never wear black. It does nothing for you”. Well, you always remember sound advice given by a gay hairdresser. Plus, I’ve always had light colored cats (not as many as now!), and they don’t do so well with black.

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