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Revlon Whimsical + Wild Orchid


Ugh, have you seen that new ad with Emma Stone running around with a bunch of balloons and looking chic and absolutely gorgeous wearing Revlon Lacquer Balm? Lemme remind you…


Well of course I thought if I were to get some Revlon lippy I would magically transform into Emma Stone and look this fabulous! That’s how it works right?!

revlon swatches revlon whimsical

I loved the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm so much that I couldn’t wait to try the Lacquer Balm. These contain shea, mango and coconut butters so you know that all that goodness will leave your lips feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom! Currently they’re on sale for $10 from Priceline, so hop to it! Whimsical is super glossy and easy to apply and like the Matte Balm it has a lovely soft minty smell to it that isn’t too overpowering. It is also retractable, so you don’t need a sharpener! PERFECTION. My favourite thing about it is the tiny flecks of glitter (you can see it better on the swatches above) which adds another dimension of shimmer. I was a little disappointed in the colour (don’t get me wrong, I love it) as I was expecting it to be more on the purple side, like Emma’s, than pink. As it’s a balm I found I had to reapply more often than a regular lipstick.revlon wild orchid

One of the lovely girls at work bought Wild Orchid on one of those online deals for something ridiculous like $4 but when it arrived it wasn’t the shade she was after so she gave it to me seeing as I am a lipstick ‘ho! Isn’t she gorgeous?! I absolutely love this colour although it’s totally similar to Whimsical, oh well, you can never have too many lipsticks right? RIGHT?! Like Whimsical, this is very creamy and easy to apply. I can get a good four hours wear out of it before having to reapply.

revlon4Of course Andi wanted to get in on the action too!

Happy Monday dollfaces! Are you a big fan of Revlon lipsticks? Do you end up buying products after seeing beautiful people wearing them?

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  1. Look at your kitty cat!! <3<3 I always look for swatches on others before I buy a lipstick color. These colors looks gorgeous on you and I love their names! I haven't tried anything Revlon yet, only their gel nail polish but I've always heard great things about them! Oh, and if I could resemble anything Emma Stone, I'm down!!

    • My kitty always wants to get in on the photo-bombing action!!
      Aren’t they pretty – really think these will be a staple this summer. I’ve never used the Revlon polishes but would love to try them out when they’re on sale. xo

      • Oh, yeah!! Ya’ll are on opposite seasons, it threw me off when you said Summer, hehe. =) Yes, the nail polishes are really good and super inexpensive compared to OPI and Essie but are really good quality.

  2. Girrrrl now you know I am LIVING for everything on this post!! You look AMAZING err ma gahd! So golden and gorgeous. And the pics are to die for- is this the new camera?! I need Whimsical now! Haute colour xx

  3. Andi!!!! Stealing your beauty thunder I’m afraid 😀 I saw bits of her in some of the product photos. Most of mine have kitty evidence, and I don’t notice until editing, and just say, “Oh Well – cat hair, deal with it”. I just wish I noticed after taking the shot! I do love Revlon lip products. They just came out with an “HD Lipstick”, but the colors are blah. I passed.

    • Oh the amount of fur on all my things is no annoying but like you said, I don’t notice it any more LOL!

      Hmmmm sounds like the new range are dull – may have to give it a miss too

  4. You are gorgeous – maybe prettier than Emma – and your kitty just tugs at my heart.. looks like my baby girl, Cookie when she was a kitten… love love love! *sigh*

  5. You’re gorgeous! Prettier than Emma! And your kitty just tugs at my heart – Looks like my baby girl Cookie when she was a kitten.. love love love! *sigh*

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