OOTD: Don’t Get Lippy With Me, Kid!


I don’t know if this will surprise any of you but I was a bit of an arsehole of a teenager (I know imagine it?!). My poor Year 11 maths teacher will attest to me being a right royal c-bomb to him and let’s face it, maths in general *shudder*. The idea of not talking back to elders never occurred to me and I used to get super lippy and the absolute filth that would come out of my mouth in response to his reprimands makes me blush! So for that I’d like to apologise to Mr Mirabella! I still think maths blows, but you were OK I guess!!

lippy1 lippy2There’s something a little dangerous about having a blog name with “A Red Lip…” in the title as any time you see anything with lips on it you want to buy it on the IMMEDIATE! Everything from earrings to bed linen (so tempted) to this über adorable top from Kmart (natch!) which was only $15 so you know I couldn’t pass it up!

lippy3Today I’ve teamed my cute little singlet with my Kmart 3/4 length jeans (although, as my sister pointed out they look like they’re full length on me – the joys of being a shorty!) – another $15 bargain, a fab pewter belt that came in a pack of 3 for $8 and my Coach heels, which I am obsessed with. Finished off with my double “R” necklaces; one for Rosie and the other for Rockets OBVS!


Were you the devil incarnate as a kid like I was and is there anything gimmick-y you can’t go past?

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  1. Yay for being short and wearing ankle biters as full length jeans! I have the same wonderful blessing. Your hair looks gorgeous here too, by the way.
    I am a sucker for anything with skulls on it, especially sugar skulls. I even got one tattooed on my leg, and I have a skull collection at home.

  2. 100% in love with this shoot! First off, it’s so beautiful there! I haven’t seen flowers since winter first struck the U.S. of A! Secondly, that outfit is adorable! I feel so naked when I wear just a tank top, but you make it look so classy! And it compliments your figure too!

  3. That top is the cutest!! You look fab dahling, so radiant! Ooo and those JEANS- perfect length for us teeny gals. Keep serving, honey xo
    p.s. Botanical Gardens?

  4. Maths. I hate it now, hated it then. I like the way y’all say that better too 😀 Too bad we didn’t get to visit an American K-Mart when you were here. You’d be devastated. Love your picks, and those Coach pumps will more than pay for themselves!!!

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