OOTD: Playful Playsuit


A couple of weekends ago, on a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon, I was down at Leura Park Estate Winery celebrating my lovely friend Beth’s hen’s party (or as the American’s call it, her bachelorette party). The pinot gris was flowing, we played some funny games and it was a fabulous excuse to bust out a playsuit.




I bought this Alice + Olivia playsuit back in July while at TJ Maxx in Santa Monica (I know, what a jet-setter!) and have been working up the courage to wear it ever since. It’s one of those items I bought thinking it may never see the light of day, but I had to get it as it was originally $297 (WTF?! I would NEVER spend that kind of cash on something like this) down to $79!! BARGAIN BELL!!!

I love the idea of a playsuit and they’re all the rage at the moment. Like I said before, I haven’t worn shorts in this millennium (at least) so I’m trying hard to break down stupid rules I’ve set up for myself (you know; no shorts or tracksuit pants, no bright lights and no eating after midnight). tjmaxx11

On the day I teamed it with a gold Kmart belt to break up the onesie look, a nude pump and my favourite bright blue Francesca’s clutch. A simple and colourful look for summer. tjmaxx12

winery2Do you set silly rules for things you can and can’t wear? Is there something you’d love to try but haven’t because of the rule??


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  1. Aren’t you glad you picked it up? It looks fabulous on you!!! Now I’ll bet you are wishing you would have picked up more! Yay TJ Maxx!! I love your “R” necklace. And I way prefer hen party to bachelorette. Car park to parking lot. I want to be an Aussie!!!! So funny to see you outdoors on a gorgeous, sunny day at a winery while I am at my computer with sweats, fuzzy socks, and sweatshirt. Luckily we don’t get too cold. Miss your sweet face!!! xoxo

    • Hahahaha! Yes we have our weird little phrases 🙂

      You’ll need to come back to Oz in the summer…and please bring the entire contents of TJs with you!!

      Miss you too Mama K xo

  2. *SCREAMS* OMG Rosay!! This is the HAWTEST outfit yet! I actually squealed with delight- you look absolutely sun drenchingly gorgeous and I am gagging on the fierce. My beautiful dollface. I love this post so much xoxo

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