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OPI RapiDry Nail Spray


I’m a super sceptical gal and I go into most situations with a healthy dose of side eye and trepidation. I blame this on the time I saw Santa Claus take off his beard. Hear me out! I was four and at my mum’s work Christmas party, you know the drill; families go to a lame picnic where Santa hands out gifts to all the employees’ kids and we all lose out tiny minds. So there I am playing with my new toy (I have an amazing memory but for once I can’t for the life of me remember what the hell I got that day) and faffing about on the swings when I saw Santa return to his “green room” and just before he stepped inside he took off his beard. That’s the day I knew that adults were liars and, like The X Files later reiterated to me, I could TRUST NO ONE!

So when I heard about this so called “miracle” quick drying nail spray I was dubious. I’d never heard of RapiDry before until the lovely Cat over at Ditch The Bun made mention of it in the comments on my post about OPI polishes. Of course it piqued my interest and I had to get my hands on a bottle to test it out and of course I couldn’t find one to buy ANYWHERE! Aside from eBay, RapiDry wasn’t available to buy online. I took to Facebook, the source of all wisdom, to ask my Aussie friends where I could get this damn spray. Thankfully my fabulous beautician, Betty, came to the rescue and said she could order me a bottle the next time she popped in an order for her salon, et voilà, I finally got a bottle!

After forking over $20 I rushed home to try it out and hmmmmm, I’m not sold you guys! First I tested it out on my tootsies, where after two coats of (non OPI) polish I spritzed on the spray as per the instructions. They seemed to be dry but even some time later when I popped on some sandals the polish on my big toe smudged. Not happy!

I then tried it out on my finger nails after applying two coats of OPI nail polish AND a top coat, I did the ol’ touch test about 5 minutes later and it still didn’t feel like they were 100% dry, but they were dryer than my toes. That may just be down to using better quality polish on my fingernails – which in that case, who’s to say that it wouldn’t have dried in the same time anyway? The OPI website states that Rapidry gives manicures a smooth, hard, smudge-proof finish in just minutes. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I don’t know about that!


As first impressions go I’m not sold. I was expecting my nails to dry instantly, a la shellac  varnish, but perhaps I shouldn’t have had such high hopes for RapiDry. I will continue to use it though and see how it works out on different brands of polishes and see if that changes the results. The website also claims that it’s great for restoring shine between manicures, so I’ll be interested to see if that works.

What about you dollface, have you tried RapiDry and if so were you satisfied by the results?

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  1. I haven’t tried the OPI brand, but I highly recommend essence nail art express dry drops, its in a little glass bottle with an eye dropper plus its under $5!

  2. Dahling you know I swear by Seche Vite top coat!! It never smudges my nail art, dries super-fast and has an uber-glossy finish. And remember there used to be that scary warning on the bottle (“please note this product may cause your face to fall off “etc etc) That’s gone now!

    • I must get me a bottle of that stuff! Did you buy it off eBay dahling?
      I want to get that and some nail art pens (I really don’t know why, I’ll end up with more polish on my ears than on my nail trying to draw a design!) xo

      • HAHA! No dollface, you’ll be fabulous! Yes I got it off Ebay, so much cheaper ♥ It will change your world. With the nail art pens type in “2 way nail art pens” so you get the brush on one end and the dotting tool on the other. Or see if you can get the Model’s Own pens! Xo

  3. Oh no, I’m sorry it cost you so much and didn’t work well. I have used the drip stuff, but I have only ever seen that in Guam and have now run out. I have just bought the Sally Hansen quick dry top coat and am going to give that a go hopefully tonight, but likely not until the weekend hahaha. I’ll let you know what I think of that.

  4. I haven’t tried that one because OPI is ridiculously pricey here in Germany but I love the Sally Hansen InstaDri. It takes less than a minute to dry my nail polish and it prevents chips and adds shine for a good week. I like it even more than Seche Vite!

  5. Sally Hansen InstaDri in the red bottle!!!! Or the Dry Kwik oil. If you can’t get it there in Oz, I’ll send it to you. Papaw ointment is saving me right now! THANK YOU so much for bringing it to me! I think of you every time I use it (like 4 times a day).

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