OOTD: It’ll Be All White

itllbeallwhiteRemember a few weeks back when I put together my all black ensemble because I wanted to fit into the Melbourne scene? All those trendy Melburnians looking like rock stars dressed in head to toe black, while I look like I’m in mourning? Well that got me thinking, I don’t wear all black (I’m starting to though!), but I don’t wear all white either!


itllbeallwhite4I love the look of all white – it reminds me of hot summer nights, dancing to Cuban music with incredibly hot, semi-nude Latino men and drinking cocktails. I don’t know why, I personally have never done that *looks away into the distance*. I might have seen it in an ad once and its stuck with me since!


I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for my white ensemble, I just had to find the right skirt. For once Kmart didn’t show me any love and I had to look elsewhere – shock horror! I thought I’d have to scrap this OOTD idea all together before I stumbled upon this awesome skirt at a little boutique called Knot & Crop at my local shopping centre.



I saw several versions of this skirt at Derby Day this year and I really loved it.  This particular one is probably a LOT cheaper than what those fancy gals were wearing which makes me bubble with excitement! This is a Heart On Fire* number that was only $39.95 – WOOHOO! I’m not sure if the pics do it justice, but it’s a dual layered skirt, with the bottom layer acting like a knee-length slip and the top is a sheer 3/4 length textured skirt.


itllbeallwhite9 For my all-white OOTD I teamed the skirt with last year’s Kmart studded top and a pair of new open-toed flats ($20) that are giving me a retro vibe! Then I finished the ensemble off with my favourite Francesca’s statement necklace and delved into my dress up box for the Just Jeans fedora and Portmans sunnies. All up I think this ensemble is less than $200…BARGAIN BELL!

How do you like my all-white OOTD? For some reason it’s giving me some super Christmas-y vibes, damn all those American holiday movies I watch! FYI kids it’s summer in Australia and Christmas is anything but snowy!!

Speaking of Christmas, this is my last day at work before I’m off for two weeks over the holidays. Be prepared for some sporadic posts. I may decide to post everyday, but more than likely I’ll be kicking back and working on my tan and getting stuck into the latest Stephen King novel.

What are your plans for the holiday season?
itllbeallwhite12*Similar here


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  1. Oh my garsh!! Why are you such perfection? Answer me! LOL I’m gagging on the fresh breeziness of this look. I feel like you should be strolling the streets of Panama with Carlos! ♥ p.s. that tan and that hot pink lip make me swoon.

  2. Such a pretty look !! 🙂 we (maybe its just me) complain when its a warm christmas here in CA i cant imagine what its like to have it be summer!!! But you look great!! Have a great holiday!! Xo

  3. You are stunning!!!! I love the all white look and I love how you didnt go simply all white but played around with the color! I love that necklace it reminds me of a vase I have but in jewelery form, gorgeous! Enjoy your holiday off and I’ll be with my family just chilax’n and getting fat…totally worth it lol!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

  4. Love the hat! I am not an all white person to be honest, but I love all of the pieces individually hahaha. If I was wearing it I probably would have swapped out the white shirt for a turquoise one and been very happy 🙂 I need my little splash of colour. Plus my white shirts don’t stay white long with 5 (soon to be seven) nieces and nephews LOL.

  5. Definitely Cuba with a gorgeous hottie doing a tango! The fedora rocks!!! You look beautiful as always my Rosie sunshine!

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