Scrumptious Summer Cocktails

champagne cocktail1

Last month I talked about sharing all my summer favourites and I dubbed it Rosie’s Summer Series. I shared with you my recipe for Rice Paper Rolls which are fabulous and fresh and perfect to eat on those long hot summer nights when you don’t feel like eating anything hot or too heavy.

Today I wanted to share with you three of my favourite summer cocktails – these drinks are super refreshing and so, so simple. If you serve these up to your friends they’ll think you’re a cocktail making genius, a mixology master if you will. Enjoy, and remember kids, always drink in moderation!

Champagne Surprise

We’ve all had that guest who has brought a lame-ass bottle of sparkling to your house as a hostess gift and then your left with something that resembles cat piss and totally undrinkable. This little recipe will make any $2 bottle of wizz into a fabulously refreshing drink to serve to your guests as a welcome drink. I’ve made this cocktail on Christmas day for the last couple of years to help lubricate the family and set the mood for a fun day.

All you need is said bottle of shitty champers (I wouldn’t waste a fabulous bottle!) and a tub of fruity sorbet, whatever takes your fancy. Let the sorbet melt a little and pop it into a jug. Then ever so simply pour the bottle of champagne on top and stir. Serve immediately!

champagne cocktail2

This Vodka Is My Jam!

This recipe is a great twist on the summer staple vodka, lime and soda water. I find at this time of year we get given a lot of hampers filled with delicious goodies, but all too often there’s some bits and bobs in the hamper that never get used/eaten. There’s usually a jar of jam which I never end up using, or seldom finish, so this cocktail is great in helping you clear out those half eaten jars in your fridge. I’m basically helping you spring clean your house! In this recipe I’ve used strawberry jam, but it would work with any flavour you have on hand.

vodka is my jam2

All you need to do is to pop a tablespoon of jam at the bottom of your glass then pour over a shot (or 2, I ain’t judging – it’s the holidays so treat yourself) of vodka and then throw in lots of ice. Top it all off with the soda water and another dollop of jam and stir. Garnish with some lime and you have yourself one sweet and refreshing summer drink.

vodka is my jam

Frangelico + Lime

This may technically not be a cocktail, but there’s two ingredients so I will call it one! Now if you’ve never tasted Frangelico you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. It’s a hazelnut liqueur that is oh so divine and makes me feel SUPER sophisticated and uber adult. It’s lush and luxurious and is a lovely li’l nightcap to enjoy while sitting on your porch swing (I neither have a porch or a swing, but the imagery works so hush now). All you need to do is pour a generous shot over ice and squeeze in half a lime and toss in a wedge for good measure. Swill it about as you enjoy the dusk and be content with your thoughts….mmmm think I may just pour myself a glass and enjoy my book in the backyard.



I am positively enjoying my summer break, and each day feels like a Sunday, which is blissful and relaxing. I hope the festive season is treating you well, dollface. What have you been up to? Did Santa treat you well? xo

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  1. Summer cocktails?! IN WINTER?! I don’t care, I love this post. I may have to pin it or something to make sure I go back to it when summer hits….especially since I won’t be preggo anymore by that time! 🙂

  2. Was wondering what the jar of jam was for on the Insta photo you posted! Now I know! Another great recipe for Frangelico – chocolate covered pretzel shots (should have made them when you were here!!!). 3 parts Frangelico, 1 part whipped cream (or vanilla) flavored vodka. Shake with ice to chill, pour into shot glasses. Like with tequila shots, lick your hand and liberally apply salt. Lick, then shoot. Tastes exactly like a choco covered pretzel!!!

  3. *runs to drinks cupboard*
    *gets sozzled off face*
    WHY do all of these sound so effing delightful?! Fark! That Frangelico maaaan! Loved this post! ♡

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