Fierce Females: Deborah Harry

debbie harry warhol

Happy Sunday and Happy New Year again darlings! I thought I’d start 2015 a little differently and retire my regular Sunday Morning Inspo posts and bring you a new series; Fierce Females. Each Sunday I’ll be bringing you some fabulous ladies that have inspired me throughout my life through music, literature, film, science or just generally being a bad ass babe! So I start the series off with none other than Deborah Harry…debbie harryI always kinda knew who Blondie were when I was growing up but I really didn’t think too much about them until I was around 16/17 when a friend of mine told me about how he “discovered” Heart of Glass – from that moment on we were Blondie obsessed.

Deborah Harry represents to me all the fierceness of New York in the 70s; rocking out at CBGB’s, partying at Max’s Kansas City and getting your portrait painted by Warhol – I mean, fuck yes! She was the front woman of an amazing new wave rock band and was the envy and blueprint of rocker (and let’s face it, pop as well) chicks to follow.

I really believe that without Debbie there wouldn’t have been a Madonna or a Gaga… so on this Sunday I salute you, Deborah Harry. Thanks for colouring my life with kick-ass tunes and a lust worthy wardrobe!

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  1. Love love love Debbie! She rules,and was my first ever celeb crush. And she’s just so effortlessly bone deep cool. Great idea for a series, looking forward to it. X.

  2. Rocking out to your video now as I type this comment! Great series! You are so creative! And, remember, she was probably the first white chick rapping on “Rapture”!!!

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