OOTD: Summer Office Chic

pattern shorts+yellow top

Sometimes it’s just too damn hot to wear clothes! Now I’m not going full “Emperor’s New Clothes” on you, but in summer it’s easier to go with the less is more option, if you catch my drift. I know the dilemma of trying to look fabulous for the office, but still feelย cool enough for those times when the office A/C just ain’t cranking!

pattern shorts+yellow top3

pattern shorts+yellow top4 My current office isn’t ultra corporate but we’re moving into our new digs in a couple of weeks and this new mob we’re joining are super STRAIGHT! I’m not sure if this OOTD will cop major side-eye from the new team but I thought this was a cute little ensemble to wear on those days you don’t even want to pop on a pair of pants. If they do give me grief for my wardrobe I’ll be like…RcqKKbZ pattern shorts+yellow top6

pattern shorts+yellow top7 Now that I’m so into wearing shorts I grabbed this fabulous palm tree printed pair from Kmart for $15 and teamed it with another Kmart purchase; a pleated halter neck blouse that I absolutely lost my shit over when I saw it. This colour is my jam, YO! Then to pull the OOTD together I finished off with my trusty Cotton On blazer (to add that office vibe and also to cover up any nip action for when the a/c IS blasting away), Coach heels and Francesca’s clutch. A sprinkling of bling and there you have it – Office Chic for those sweltering summer days.ย 
pattern shorts+yellow top9

pattern shorts+yellow top10

Of course this look would also work for all you gals that are students, or even as a night out on the tiles OOTD. Remember, the world is you oyster and YOU make the rules. Unless you’re thinking of speeding, then stick to the limits – I don’t want any of you crazy cats telling the po’ po’ that Rosie told you that you make your own damn rules!
pattern shorts+yellow top12

Well I survived my first week back at work…just! Was this anyone else’s first week back? Or have you been working through the holiday season?

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  1. YAAAAAAAA *takes breath* AAAAAAASSSSS!! You get the official two-syllable DAYYY-UMMM! You look effing delectable in this! So gorgeous and I love that you are fully embracing the hotness of those legs. Chile I told you they were perfect. Love you! โ™ฅ

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