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Fierce Females: Oprah Winfrey


I know there are mixed feelings about her, but I don’t care what you say I love Oprah Winfrey! Her joie de vivre for life is infectious and always leaves me uplifted. She makes me search for my own “a-ha” moments in every day life.

Ms Winfrey is FIERCE with a capital F! Not only is she a bad-ass babe who had her own top rating talk show for many years, but she’s also an actress, producer, media mogul and all round altruistic angel.

oprah-winfrey-ownThis Sunday I raise my coffee cup to you, Oprah, thanks for the many years of entertainment and education.

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  1. I love her too! I know people are all over the place with her, but I think all of the GOOD she does negates anything to the contrary. She has inspired me to seek my purpose & a-ha moments as well. She will be one of my fierce females!!!

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