OOTD: I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!

i aint afraid of no ghost7

YES, I’m wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt and YES I’m excited as hell to own it! How positively fabulous is it?! I was making my usual rounds through Kmart checking out their new t-shirts and I saw it and immediately had an OOTD in mind.

i aint afraid of no ghost8

i aint afraid of no ghost9

When I was growing up I lived next door to two brothers who I used to hang out with and use them for their amazing toys (I’m talking Castle Grayskull and all the accoutrements). One day the younger of the two told me they were going to the movies to see a new film called Ghostbusters, and do you think I got an invite? Hell to the no! Damn those boys and their icky boy bits for not inviting me. How rude, I could have seen it in originally on the big screen, but alas I had to wait years before I actually saw it on TV (remember when it took YEARS for it to be shown on TV?) and I loooooooooooooooooooved it. Don’t get me started on the spin off cartoon series, that shit was awesome!

i aint afraid of no ghost10

i aint afraid of no ghost12

Not only is this tee fabulously kitsch but it was also a bargain; $12 baby!! Today I’ve teamed it with my fave pair of boyfriend jeans, a white Express blazer and new pair of royal blue heels, also from Kmart, another bargain at $20. Instead of my usual handbag or clutch I thought it was more appropriate to carry a backpack for all my ghostbusting (ghostbustering?) adventures. This used to be my school bag (if you can believe!) and it’s been on most of my travels overseas.

i aint afraid of no ghost

i aint afraid of no ghost2

i aint afraid of no ghost3

Ghostbusters is just one of about a million movies that I loved as a kid, even if I didn’t understand all the gags. Movies are magical and I love the way they can transport you to another life and time. Are there certain movies that trigger childhood memories for you? What are they?

i aint afraid of no ghost5

i aint afraid of no ghost11

So, who you gonna call??

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  1. love this shirt!! so cool 😀 the heels are beautiful too ❤
    isntagram: the_ch1ara

    • Thanks so much, these heels are pretty fabulous, although they’re a lot higher than my usual choice. Will be tottering around in them for a while as I get used to them LOL 🙂 xo

  2. I’ve now used up my month’s supply of “YAAAASSS” shrieking at the gorgoisie of this post! LOVE this outfit! Kmart is an effing treasure trove. And the heels are perfection, LOL you know I love high heels even though the height makes me hobble. And the blazerrr… I need! The backpack is LIFE and I’m popping round to teef it now. Fanks ♥

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