Fierce Females: Madonna


Don’t you dare utter a bad word about Madonna, this woman practically raised me! Now when I say raised I don’t mean she actually fed and clothed me because my parents would pitch a fit if they’d heard me say that, I mean she raised me musically, emotionally, HELL, spiritually (hello, Like a Prayer people!)! If there was anything I wanted to be more than Madonna when I was a kid I don’t know what it was (maybe Jem, yeah probably Jem!).

I love that she sang, she danced, she pushed people’s buttons. I didn’t know what a virgin was or what her papa was “preaching about” when I was six, but I knew the songs were naughty AND I LIKED IT! She was a boundary pusher back before I knew what boundaries were (some may question I still don’t).

A few weeks back I banged on about Debbie Harry being the front runner for chicks in the music industry, Madonna would definitely have to be a close second, if not a tie for first! It’s been 30 years since Madge has hit the scene and the woman is still relevant today having just graced the cover of Interview magazine.


Her music may suck a little now compared to the early stuff, but I still love her. She’s strong, outspoken and ballsy as hell. This Sunday you can forget about Bey, Gaga, Katy et al for just a moment and raise your coffee cup/Bloody Mary glass to Madonna; one #UnapologeticBitch.

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  1. Maaaan those days!! See that outfit & dark roots/blonde hair combo, with the 4080 necklaces? I would wear that shit RIGHT NOW! Yes she’s a bit iffy now bless her heart, but the woman was a legend! Xo

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