You Are Gold!

metallic gold tatt4

OK, lemme preface this post by saying YES I AM A KLUTZ and I’m well aware that if you’re a self-proclaimed klutz then you shouldn’t be sticking your fingers into sparkly, new gadgets like a spiralizer! Let’s start from the start; I bought a new vegetable spiralizer as it’s the new “thing” and you all know how much I love being in the forefront of the new and hip. The other night I was going great guns making up a batch of spiralized sweet potato so I could bake and have it with some fish, which was delicious, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyhoo, as I was going to clean the gadget it was like my life, or rather my misfortunes, flashed before my eyes and I cut my MIDDLE finger, right near the cuticle good and proper. I’m talking a lovely geyser of blood with full skin shave-age.

metallic gold tatt

The point to my story is that I was thinking about painting my nails that evening but alas I don’t think I could go anywhere near a flesh wound with some nail polish right about now. So I thought what a great opportunity to bust out my temporary metallic tattoos that I’ve been hoarding for the last couple of weeks to add some sparkle and to detract from my bandaged finger.

metallic gold tatt2

I’m so besotted with these tatts! I love the way they catch the light and make me feel like a bad ass. I ordered a page of 11 silver and gold metallic temporary henna tattoos that were super simple to apply and cheap to boot. They were $9.99 (postage included) from eBay and can last up to 5-7 days if you look after them.  Here I added some bling to a little gals day out yesterday but I think these would rock for a night out or when going to a concert. What do you think? Would you try these temporary tatts out?

metallic gold tatt3

And because I’m nice and I like to share, here’s a pic of my tasty burger I had for lunch. It was AH-mazing! Have a great Monday everyone! xo

burger + chips

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  1. You’re going to see Spandau Ballet????? Waaaaah! I want to go! We just got our spiralizer in from Amazon this past week. Joey’s been working a lot, so haven’t busted it out yet. Will be certain I don’t slice my finger open! Hope yours is all healed up! I have those tattoos on my list. I want some so bad!!!!

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