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Fierce Females: Betty White

betty white


Who doesn’t love Betty White? Really, who? I wanna know so I can hunt them down and slap them silly. She just turned 93 and she’s still kicking ass. If that’s not fierce I don’t know what is! When I look at Betty’s face I just start to laugh, she has such an infectious energy, it’s fabulous.

I grew up watching Betty and the Golden Girls every Friday night with my parents. I would giggle along with the laugh track not understanding the jokes but knowing that Rose Nyland was a ditzy old lady. When I watch an episode now I’m quite shocked (not really, not much shocks me) at how racy and sexual most of the jokes are, it’s amazing I was allowed to watch it as a kid.

betty white2

I recently watched a documentary about Ms White and all her co-stars and friends throughout her illustrious TV and film career all say that she’s an amazingly funny and talented actress who has a wicked and filthy sense of humour – my kinda lady!!

So this Sunday I raise my pot of Earl Grey and salute Betty White, a true golden girl!golden girls

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