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Fierce Females: S. E. Hinton

s.e. hinton


When I mention the name S. E. Hinton it may not automatically ring alarm bells, but I’m certain you’ve heard of the book The Outsiders. Susan Eloise (S. E. to you and me) wrote the book when she was 17 and seeing as it was a book about teenage boys she thought it best to go by her initials so she wouldn’t be dismissed as a “silly” girl writing about sexy troubled boys.

s.e. hinton & emilio estevez

S.E. and Emilio Estevez on the set of That Was Then This Is Now

Not much is known about her as she is an extremely private person, but I just love the fact that she wrote this AH-mazing book about rival school gangs and it just blew up and basically became the quintessential young adult fiction novel to become a part of the school syllabus all around the world. Almost 50 years after being published it still sells more than 500,000 copies a year! YOWZA!!

Aside from her most famous novel S.E. also wrote some other fabulous YA fiction including That Was Then, This Is Now, Tex and Rumble Fish. If you haven’t read any of these I’d highly recommend them!

It also helps that the movie adaptation of The Outsiders starred so many up and coming HOT Hollywood stars – I mean really…look at that! I was more than happy to watch this movie over and over again in Year 9 English class after we’d all read the book. the outsiders

The Outsiders

So this Sunday I raise my laptop to S.E. Hinton – thank you for bringing such rich characters like Ponyboy and Sodapop into my life!

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    • I know right?! I’ve been on the search for Rumblefish and Tex for my bookshelf for a while. I read them all years ago but never had those in my collection. Such rich characters 🙂 xo

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