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Fierce Females: Rosie Batty

rosie batty_australian of the year


If anyone deserves the title of Fierce Female it would have to be 2015 Australian of the Year recipient, Rosie Batty. I wish I didn’t have to award her with the title, because she’s come to my (and Australia’s) attention for the tragic loss of her 11 year old son. Luke was murdered by Rosie’s ex-husband in 2014 and she has since become a staunch advocate for domestic/family violence.

Her story is a truly sad one, but unfortunately Rosie isn’t the first woman who’s been subjected to domestic abuse. It’s a sad reminder that many women (and men) suffer at the hands of their partners.

This Sunday I raise my voice and stand alongside Rosie and countless other brave victims who speak out about domestic violence and help raise awareness.

rosie and luke batty


“… family violence happens to everybody. No matter how nice your house is, how intelligent you are. It can happen to anyone, and everyone.” – Rosie Batty

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  1. Oh, so heartbreaking! Yes, people need to speak up about this. And not like our stupid NFL with their pathetic PSA commercials! They are the worst offenders!

  2. Oh my God, my heart breaks for her. I can’t imagine the strength it must take for her to carry on and heal. This is such an essential topic and I really hope one day the shame, fear and stigma stop so women can feel supported and safe. Thanks for posting dahling ♥

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