OOTD: A Little Mix Up Over Brunch


You’ve got to admit that by the time Sunday rolls around there’s nothing more you want to do than sleep in like a BOSS! Weekends were made for lots of chillaxing and sleeping in – oh and BRUNCH! I love being afforded the luxury of a sleep in, with maybe a little workout thrown in to boot, and then sitting down to a lovely civilised brunch with gallons of coffee (not during Lent though – waaaaaaaaah!) and scrumptious eggs. It really is the simple things in life that are often the best.



A couple of Sunday’s ago I was out for brunch for my gorgeous friend, Cynthia’s, birthday and it was a lovely early arvo out with the ladies. I took the opportunity to wear my new Mix Apparel ensemble I’d just picked up. This print pencil skirt was only $25 and the white tee was only $10. Can you believe I don’t have a plain white tee in my wardrobe? How is that possible?! I think I’ll need to go back and grab a couple more to add to my arsenal. Aaaaaaaand now I have this damn song stuck in my head!! Nooooooooooooo!

Mmmmm bacon! 


These cute blue ballet flats were also a new purchase from Kmart for $15. And did you check out my groovy purple shades? They were a gift from the gorgeous Hilary over at Cutie Cameras – what a doll!


ootd_brunch2What’s your favourite thing to eat at brunch? Are you an omelette fan or do you go for some crunchy granola? Oh man, now I’m hungry again. WAITER!!!!!


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  1. I blame you for that song being stuck in my head all week now! And I just checked my ridiculously vast wardrobe, and it seems I don’t have a plain white tee either! How is that even possible that I thought to buy a dress with George Costanza’s face printed all over it, but not a white tshirt! It’s madness!

  2. You are so adorable and I love how you put everything together here! Great colours! I have shoes that colour and they ALWAYS get compliments – something about that shade of blue, I reckon! x

  3. Ma’am!! The SLAYAGE! Reading this on the bus and I just said “YAAAAASSS” out loud hahaha! How can you be so fine?? The outfit is perfection- gorgeous skirt! And you know I always love your ccolour – pop accessories. Keep going ♥♥♥

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