OOTD: Once, Twice, Three Quarters A Lady

midi skirt

Whoa, whoa, whoa! How is it mid-March already?! I know the year is whizzing by quickly when my birthday is just around the corner. Mornings are starting to get a little nippy now and pretty soon I’ll need to bring out my winter coats again NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m not ready for winter and rugging up, especially when it doesn’t feel like we’ve had a proper summer. Any of my northern hemisphere lasses want to adopt me for the next six months? Will share my wardrobe for food and bed!
midi skirt3

midi skirt4

Speaking of wardrobe, I’ve added more items, again! I instantly fell in love with the design of this 3/4 – midi skirt from Mix Apparel and had to have it. It was only when I got it home that I thought about the fact that I really don’t wear midi/maxi skirts because I feel they make me look shorter than I am (and let’s face it, that’s pretty short). Anyway, as it’s the year of throwing off all those silly “rules” I’d made for myself I embraced it and think it looks great, PLUS it’s another excuse to wear heels.

midi skirt5

midi skirt6

Today I’ve teamed my midi skirt with some older pieces in my wardrobe (see I do wear things more than once!). This lacy white top from Cocolatte is one of my faves to pair with high-waisted skirts. I just love the detail of the sleeve and how it can really go with anything. The gold kitten heels are almost 10 years old and I haven’t worn them in forever so I thought they’d go great with the gold detailing on the clutch.
midi skirt7


And would you believe that these heels actually broke on the way to work after this shoot?! How’s that for one last hurrah? The straps just fell apart as I went to step onto the tram. At least they got to be featured in an OOTD before they were put to rest. I guess I need to go shopping again…

Toes are just weird! Anyone else think feet aren’t the most attractive feature?


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  1. Haha toes! Not even the nicest pedicure could make me share a photo of mine haha. I used to have a cute pair of heels like that. I must have donated them somewhere a long time ago. Your photo is making me wish I’d kept them! Have fun buying very necessary replacement shoes! x

  2. Your outfit is fab! The skirt looks great on you! As I was looking at the initial pics, I was thinking, “how cute are those sandals she probably picked up at Kmart???”. Sorry they fell apart! They were so “supa kawaii”!!!! 😦 You are welcome here anytime! Just holla! Again, I miss your ass!!!!! It’s getting hot up in hurrr!!!

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