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Fierce Females: Lisa Tamati

lisa tamati1

My running inspo

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t have any grand illusions of being an elite athlete. I barely run these days, but when I do I love kind of enjoy it. What I do love is reading about amazing ultra-marathon runners who are without a doubt bat-shit crazy!! I mean what other excuse is there to run more than your standard 42.2km marathon (and even that is truly outstanding to me).

Lisa Tamati is one such bat-shit crazy ultra-marathon runner who is truly inspiring and super fierce. After suffering a bike accident at the age of 21 which left her with broken vertebrae she managed to climb back and prove doctors who told her she’d never run again wrong. Not only did she prove them wrong she smashed their predictions and eventually raced the Marathon des Sables – a 251km, 6 day ultra-marathon through the Sahara Desert! What. The. Actual. Fuck? Right?!

This Sunday I hold up my Asics and my asthma inhaler and salute Lisa, one fierce female that makes me want to get my butt moving.

lisa tamati bookA great read!


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  1. Even “I” know about her!!!! Yes, girl, run, run, run!!!! I am SOOO behind on my Fierce Females posts! 😦

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