VAMFF Future Runway

vamff tix

Here’s a funny joke for you:

Q: What do you call someone that forgets to pop their memory card back into their camera before a runway show?

A: Rosie! Apparently she’s a fashion blogger!!

That’s right dollface, I quite simply forgot to put the memory card back into my camera after editing some shots last week. Can you believe that I’m so unprofessional? I’m blaming it on getting older (it was my birthday after all) and memory loss finally kicking in AND to make matters worse my iPhone has no memory left (I’m really lazy and really need to upgrade) and I couldn’t even take shitty pics for you. Mea culpa! Anyway, thank goodness for Instagram and Erin’s iPhone so I can still share with you some action from the runway.

VAMFF Future Runway

Image via Instagram – gorgeous but a little impractical, although one hand could be free to carry my champers?!

future runway

Image via Instagram – the headpieces were on point!

On Sunday I made my way to the final day of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and went to see the Future Runway show which was a showcase of 20 student designers from secondary schools across Australia. There were some really amazing stand-outs and definite budding haute couture designers here. There was gorgeous use of colour and interesting textures and fabrics used.


Image via Instagram – I definitely want to use this headpiece as inspo for the races this year!

vamff future runway1

Image via Instagram

My favourite designers from the show were Charlotte Harmsworth (video below), her pieces were fun and whimsical and her use of pompoms was fabulous! Shona Jackson was another stand-out, her sequinned skirts were beautiful and could definitely translate to ready-to-wear.

Opening of VAMFF Future Runway from designer Charlotte Harmsworth

VAMFF Future Runway Final Walk March 22 2015

Did you make it to VAMFF this year? What shows did you catch? Did you manage to remember all your equipment?

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    • I could have cried Kez. I had my friend take snaps of my OOTD and everything only to realise they weren’t there LOL! Never mind – OOTD tomorrow on the blog to make up for it 🙂 x

  1. Aw bless! LOL I can imagine you were cussing lavishly in Croatian. Still a fabulous post. I need that zhuzhed ponytail and headpiece for work on Tuesday…

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