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Fierce Females: Edie Sedgwick

edie sedgwick

Troubled soul

I ummmed and aaahed about putting Edie in my Fierce Females series but in the end I had to include her as she’s definitely one woman whose look I admired a lot when I was going through my Warhol phase as a teenager.

Edie Sedgwick was an heiress, socialite, actress and model – kind of a Kardashian of the 60s if you will – but with much better taste! She became well known for starring in Andy Warhol’s short movies and honing that fabulously chic signature make-up look of the time. I love that in every photo I’ve ever seen of her she looks super stylish and so on trend.

Alas, she was a deeply troubled soul who suffered severely from depression and drug addiction and supposedly took her own life after mixing pain medication and alcohol.

This Sunday I’d like to remember Edie as a trend setter and style icon, a fierce female that knew how to work her eyeliner magic.

andy warhol and edie sedgwick

Edie & Andy

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