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My Make-Up Pet Peeve!

woman putting makeup on while on the trainAre you this woman?

I know I may come off as loud and brash sometimes and a little left of centre but I’m kind of old fashioned when it comes to applying make-up in public. I just don’t do it. I like to think people actually believe that I woke up like this and that there was zero effort put into my appearance (when in fact it probably takes me at least a good 45 minutes morning prep time for hair, make-up and outfit choice). Even if I was running extremely late for work I’d still take the time and do my make-up at home.

So when I see women applying a full face on the train in the morning I cringe and die a little inside every time! Without a doubt, at least once a week, I’ll see a woman rip out her make-up bag and compact and go to “work” on her morning commute. I’m talking foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick – the whole shebang! I don’t know why it irks me so much but I just think there’s something private and a little mysterious about getting your face ready that shouldn’t be shared.

PLUS there’s the whole logistics thing as well, having to cart around my whole make-up kit in my handbag isn’t something that appeals to me when I already have the world’s heaviest handbag (no jokes, it sets off the “no seat belt” alarm in my passenger seat when I place it next to me!). There’s also the fact that you’re applying your make-up using a tiny compact mirror – one handed! I don’t know about you but I can’t swipe on eyeliner without the aid of BOTH hands. I also need to see the bigger picture to make sure that everything is blended well and that my eyeliner is symmetrical (it very rarely is anyway) or that one cheek is rouged more than the other.

woman putting makeup on while drivingGaaaahhhh this drives me bat shit crazy!

Am I crazy or do you agree? Should I just relax and save some time (and get a sleep in) and start applying my make-up on the train on my way to work? What’s your make-up pet peeve?

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  1. The city busses in Florida are terrible. It will take you 2-3 hours just to get 15 miles across town… so when I used to get up at 5 in the morning so that I could be to work by 9:30, and then get off at 6 and still not get home until 9-10 you better believe I was doing my makeup on the bus one hand and all! And I will admit that to this day I still apply mascara at a red light when I’m running late… but I try not to stop next to others in the lane next to me cause it is a bit shaming 😦

  2. Yes to everything!!! But the OCD in me also has to wonder at how the heck you apply all that stuff without hand washing in between? Am I normal that I wash my hands between almost every product? I don’t want primer mixing with foundation, mixing with eyeliner, and worst of all: mixing all over the OUTSIDE of everything and leaving it all smeared???????

    Plus yeah, I definitely woke up like this anyway.

    • I’m the same with the hand washing, only because I’m a grot and will smear it on my pants/skirt without thinking and ruin my clothes. Foundation will get on anything if you let it LOL!

  3. I like to wash I between applying products. I couldn’t go anywhere with makeup stuff in my hands. The only thing I will apply in public is reapplying lipstick and I will do that in the bathroom or in my parked car. 🙂

  4. I am TOTALLY with you. And also a little baffled at how some women apply eyeliner one-handed without a mirror on the train and somehow get it flawless. I can’t even get it half decent with two hands and a full length mirror with perfect lighting! 😛

  5. No I’m with you but it’s worse when they’re driving putting make up on! A little evil part of me wishes I had a big indestructible truck so I could play bumper cars with them so they can get make up smeared across their face. But don’t tell anyone I said that! 🙂 xo

  6. I find it pretty amusing when I see ladies do this in the Mumbai trains.. and I must admit, some do a pretty good job eh..
    I don’t do it only because like you, I can’t carry around all these things in my bag all the time, just a lipstick, lotion and deo!

    • It really is a remarkable feat to be able to do it and do it well! LOL!
      My bag is already stocked with too many lipstick tubes so I really can’t add any more 😉

  7. I’m a little private in my make up application. Partly because I always feel like I’m probably doing it wrong (even if it looks OK once it’s done). Also, because if I’m going to have my face ‘on’ that day, then what’s the point if the whole train has already seen it ‘off’? May as well call it quits at that point and not bother haha. I might reapply lippie or look in a mirror to check for eye liner smudge or something but that’d be it!

  8. Haha these comments are giving me life! I am SO WITH YOU- I hate it when women do this on the train! Londoners don’t play hunty, I saw a girl do her entire face and proceed to apply individual false lashes. Bruh!! The only thing I can bring myself to do in public is a quick & furtive lippie re-application. Emergencies, you understand ♥

  9. I could never do my makeup on the way to work. I’d rather not bother. Mostly just because I have such unsteady hands that I make a mess of my face standing still in front of my mirror, let alone on a moving vehicle! The only thing I ever take with me is my lipstick for the day. I also want to get a little powder compact because my oil slick face just doesn’t last the day anymore!
    Also I’m the worst for getting makeup on my hands then automatically wiping it on my leg since I’m usually still in my pjs/dressing gown! Couldn’t do that in work clothes!

  10. Totallllllly agree! These girls aren’t doing the female race and feminine mystique any favors: it’s like the magician telling the audience how he does that trick with the elephant…

  11. Ahh! I’m guilty of applying makeup in my car on my way to work! I know there’s always two very long stoplights where I can apply my eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. And if I don’t get to it I’ll sit in my car in the parking lot at work and do it! haha. I just can’t go in without makeup. I don’t think I could apply my makeup on public transit though…=)

  12. I agree to a point…I figure it is better for me to get a little extra sleep and try to put something on when I can vs. showing up looking even more tired than I am already. Of course if it is a crowded train or such, then maybe not. you gotta have some room!

    • Some mornings my train is so packed there isn’t room to hold my phone! Ugh, I hate public transport hahahaha. My go to if I don’t have time is a good slick of red lippy 👍💋

    • I totally get it! It just looks so awkward. I kid you not, on my drive to work this morning I saw two women doing it behind me. One looked like she was about to poke her eye out applying her mascara 😂😂😂

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