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Staying Safe While Travelling + a Giveaway!


If you’re a regular reader (thank you!) you know how much I love to travel. If I could afford to leave right now there’d be a Rosie shaped hole in the wall and I’d be lounging on a beach somewhere in Greece or sipping on a cocktail in Vegas!

Unfortunately travelling as a woman can be a little dangerous at times (especially when you’re travelling alone) and my biggest concern is always my safety. It sucks that we have to worry about it but alas that’s the cruel truth about the world we live in. Of course there are certain countries/cities/areas that are safer than others but it’s always a good idea to be vigilant, even in your own city.

That’s why when the fab people over at Watch Over Me, a personal safety app with about 200,000+ users, reached out to me I was very excited! Watch Over Me was co-founded by Xin-Ci Chin, not too long after she narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt and it’s an app that helps to alleviate some of the safety issues we can encounter.

High Crime

The Watch Over Me app is really ingenious. The way it works is that it uses a pre-set list of activities that include walking to your car or walking home/back to your hotel and how long you think it’ll take to accomplish that task. If you don’t report back within that time frame Watch Over Me will then, depending on your subscription, send an alert to your listed emergency contacts via email or SMS.
Watch Over Me comes in a paid and a free version. Most features are available in both options, including the shake-to-trigger function, which is super clever in moments when you can’t access your phone properly.

Aside from email notifications, the free version also allows you to have access to push-notifications, as long as your emergency contact has the app installed onto his/her phone. The paid subscription, which costs US$4.99, offers you a year of unlimited SMS alerts.


Watch Over Me have generously donated five premium subscriptions for me to give away to A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe readers. MY FIRST GIVE AWAY, YAY! All you have to do is enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway. Be quick, the competition ends on the 19th April, so you gotta be in it to win it!


I’m no expert but like I mentioned I do love to travel, so here are my top three tips for staying safe while travelling (and keep in mind this could be in your own city too);

  • Be fabulous but don’t be flashy! Don’t go pulling out your fancy big camera with hands that are encrusted with big fat diamond rings, you’re just asking for trouble.
  • Make a copy of your schedule; I pride myself on being super organised, nothing spells fun like popping your schedule into an excel spreadsheet! I will make copies of all my flights, hotel reservations and any other tickets and give them to someone at home along with a copy of my schedule so they know where I am at any given time in case of an emergency. This also includes copies of my passport and any visas and credit cards.
  • Go with your gut; if it feels wrong don’t do it. That stranger that’s offering you a too go to be true personal tour of the city is going to rob you blind! #SorryNotSorry I’m not saying don’t trust anyone, but basically don’t trust anyone!

 What are your favourite safety tips to use while travelling while you’re home or away?

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  1. So weird. I had a dream last night that I was travelling overseas on my own for the first time and in the dream I was a little concerned about my safety! Sucks to be a woman, sadly. I really hope society changes.
    I think apps like this are very useful but I am worried I would accidentally set it off by taking longer to do something because I got distracted or jiggling my phone around too much? Still, it would give a little reassurance. I reckon I’d use it more at home than away. Like, if I was nervous about walking back to my car after a night out and no-one could walk with me etc. Or even if for some reason something gave me the heebie jeebies.
    I still can’t get over how sad it is we need apps like this, but I am glad people are making them.

  2. It’s funny, having recently returned from a 3 week holiday in India I’ve been asked whether I was scared almost as many times as whether I had a good time. The only thing I was afraid of was dying in a traffic accident (not an unreasonable fear on the crazy roads there). But personal safety…nah. MInd you, I did have a male travelling companion which possibly helped. Although I have travelled a fair bit solo and it doesn’t really worry me too much. I think if you’re sensible and avoid taking risks you are pretty OK. I would add to your list “Always be aware of your surroundings” (e.g. don’t zone to out music with headphones or get mindlessly drunk or stoned unless you are with a sober buddy).

    • That’s a great point Donna, definitely be aware of your surroundings!
      I felt the same way about travelling in Rome. The first time I didn’t have any qualms but before I went off the second time people kept telling me horror stories about pick-pocketers and what not so I was stressed out the whole time. I think you have to be wary but not so much that you’re not enjoying yourself 🙂

  3. This is an effing fab post! And so important. It’s really a messed up world we live in- there are so many places I want to go solo but… being a lone female traveler in some destinations can be scary!

    • It makes me sad that we have to miss out on travelling to these places because of our safety. I know there are always group tour companies but it’s just not the same 😦

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