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It CC Cream Review

It Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF

Do you know I’ve never known what the BB or CC (and for the matter DD) stands for in all the creams?! I just thought they were hip new names for creams that weren’t quite foundation! HA! Shows how much I actually know about make-up *ahem, nothing, ahem* Well if you’re a little special, like me, they stand for Blemish/Beauty Balm, Colour Correcting and Daily Defence.

It Cosmetics CC Cream Dispenser

Last month during my Sephora beauty makeover my MUA made my face up with IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. I’d never heard of IT Cosmetics and was told that the company was co-founded by Jamie Kern Lima who was a former news anchor that suffered from rosacea. Jamie could never find the the right make-up to cover up her redness so she worked with plastic surgeons to come up with a formula that works. Well, I was sold!!

At first I wasn’t so sure that a CC cream could really cover up my redness but I was pleasantly surprised. I would say that I was right in terms of not giving me a 100% coverage like my foundation but it’s pretty bloody close – a good 96.7% I’d say!

It Cosmetics CC Cream Medium

At $58 a tube it’s a tad on the exy side, but I do love it. I use it with a foundation brush so tend not to use too much (a tip my MUA in Vegas gave me). It feels light and doesn’t crease in my laugh lines (they’re NOT wrinkles!) and my favourite aspect is that it has a SPF 50+ in it which is fabulous for sun protection, something that I’m a little lazy in keeping up with.

It Cosmetics CC Cream Swatch

IT’s CC cream comes in five shades; Fair, Light, Medium (that’s my swatch above), Tan and Rich – not an overly extensive range for the darker skinned girls out there, something that’s all a little too prevalent in the make-up world unfortunately.

It Cosmetics CC Cream

I would also love to try the Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream which is one of their best sellers. Anything that kills the redness in my cheeks is a good thing to me! I may just have to pick some up when I head to Vegas in July…oh did I mention I’M GOING TO VEGAS AGAIN?! It was a snap decision and now I’m super excited, bring on the sun, shopping and cocktails!!

Have you used IT Cosmetics products before and if so which ones?

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  1. I have never been interested in beauty products until two of my besties influenced me! Hehe. Have been watching YouTube tutorials on makeup these past few days and heard about BB, CC and DD creams but I thought the letters are like “levels” or something. Thank you for the info, I’m one of the special ones. Hehe. I have a BB cream but CC cream sounds better! 🙂

  2. Lurve these pics! So cute LOL! Oooh I effing love the idea of a BB, CC, DD, XX, 4080 cream but sadly they just don’t seem to work for me. Remember that fab one from Sleek I found when I got back to London? I was chuffed cos it was cheap but it literally just slid off my greasy face. The hunt continues xo

    • Damn! Well since reading some more reviews on BB/CC creams I’ve now taken to do the following steps; primer, CC cream, then concealer THEN a layer of foundation to top it off. This seems to be doing the trick at the minute…fingers crossed

      • No, I haven’t been using a powder for the last couple of months as I think that adds to the dryness. I add a liquid foundation on the trouble spots to finish off – and voilà!

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