OOTD: Camel Clad

ootd_camel coat4Last year I made a big song and dance about rotating the coats in my wardrobe and making sure I wear them all more often rather than sticking to the same one all winter long. I paid homage to Red Riding Hood, channelled the Beatles and tipped my hat to Parisian flair but I didn’t showcase this little cropped camel number.

ootd_camel coat7

ootd_camel coat9I bought this Portman’s coat a few years ago while I was up in Sydney for work. Long story short I was told to go out shopping for a couple of hours while the office was in the midst of renovations, so I complied. You don’t have to tell me twice!! Off the top of my head it was about $80 and I instantly fell in love. Once I left the store I had a strong urge to pair the coat with a leopard print scarf and BAM! I walked into Cotton On and there it was – kismet!

ootd_camel coat

ootd_camel coat2For today’s look I wanted to keep it fairly neutral, playing on the warm tones of the camel and leopard print and exuding autumnal chic, so I’ve teamed them with my old grey Kmart jeans and new Kmart fawn knee-length boots which were a steal at $29 – for all my bigger calved girls out there, you know the struggle is real to find knee-length boots that fit! When I slipped these babies on and they fit I was like Cinderella going to the ball YAAAAAAAAAAS! I absolutely adore these boots, they are so warm and comfy and I can already tell that they are going to get worn to death this winter.

ootd_camel coat3

To finish off this OOTD I added this adorable pair of Quay “Modern Love” sunnies (in Gold) from The Iconic which were on sale for $22.50. I really like amber tinted sunnies for the cooler months as my eyes suffer terribly from sun glare but I find regular dark tinted shades to be too dark to drive in.

And there you have it dollface, I’m ready for a crisp day out at the park or a morning sipping lattes at my desk (alas this is what I was stuck doing). How was everyone’s weekend? What did we get up to?

ootd_camel coat6

ootd_camel coat8

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  1. You look gorgeous! Leopard print goes so well with it!
    Also?? I am a big calved girl too! I feel your pain. I wandered the streets of Sydney for hours looking for some stylish (key word) boots! I ended up getting ankle boots from Rubi as a make-do! I will definitely check K-Mart out now!

    • Thanks Kez! I found a pair from Rubi online that were cute but when they arrived they didn’t fit 😩 Alas I couldn’t give them to any friends as I have a smaller foot then all of them. Such a shame!!
      Kmart will definitely sort you out 👍😘

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