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Excuse Me While I Pop On My Glamourflage!

glamourflage gals

 *This post has been sponsored by Glamourflage – all opinions are 100% my own.

I am without a doubt the biggest sucker when it comes to beauty products and their pretty packaging. I love gorgeous scented boxes filled with make-up or colourful tins filled with creams. I’ve bought things simply because they’re cute and had no effing idea what they actually were! What can I say, sometimes I’m shallow. So you can imagine my delight when Glamourflage reached out to me asking if I’d like to try some of their products…ummmmm YAAAAAAAAAAS!

Imogen Day, an English lass who now calls Melbourne home, had a dream to create a company that infuses quality skincare and make-up with the flirty personality and class of a 40s/50s pin-up girl – et voilà Glamourflage was born!

Each product comes with its very own sexy pin-up model and a little story about her which I think is just way too fabulous and very clever. I love the inventiveness and imagination that has gone into everything, it truly is serious fun!

glamourflage ravishing ruby

Ravishing Ruby Foaming Cleanser – $16.95 RRP – Looking ravishing is more than a job for Ruby – it is her whole style and being – even the postman gets treated to her charms first thing in the morning, which is why he makes it a point of honour to hand deliver all her mails! – as she says people are just nicer when you make a little effort…and she does…all the time!

I’m a huge fan of foaming cleanser and Ravishing Ruby doesn’t disappoint. It has a lovely olive scent to it which I’ve never seen/smelt(?) before in a beauty product and because of the olive it feels super luxurious. I use this in the evening to take off the days make-up and it does a great job removing my waterproof mascara – something I always find to be a bit of a hassle. It contains calendula which I love as it’s great on chapped and irritated skin (basically, my skin!) so it leaves my face feeling super soft and dewy.

glamourflage mermaid meg

Mermaid Meg Sleep Mask Milk – $27.95 RRP – Meg loses things all the time – lip liners, umbrellas, even her mind occasionally! As Meg always says,’ There is no problem too big or too complicated that you can run away from it’ – in fact she could run from love but not in those heels!

Gorgeously packaged in two little glass jars this sleep mask-milk was just heavenly! After washing my face with the foaming cleanser I finished off by popping a healthy layer of the mask milk all over and went to sleep dreaming of mermaids (not really) and woke up with a dewiness I’d never experienced before. It sounds cheesy, but my skin really did feel like it had been bathed in milk overnight.

glamourflage luscious lucy

Luscious Lucy Face Cream – $32.95 RRP – A daiquiri, a dangerous frock and a desire for 100 % fun, 100 % of the time: standard operating procedure for Lucy. A cutie, a sweetie, a shrine-worthy goddess of unequalled coolness, crown princess of stunning yet approachable perfection and unbearably enviable gorgeousness. She boasts she has brought a grand prix to a halt – technically she has only caused a few minor traffic jams – but it doesn’t sound catchy and Lucy likes to sound catchy. Her pretty pinkish facial skin is so silky, tender and healthy that her man will kiss her from face to lips. Her secret is in the pot of cream.

My only fault with this amazing face cream is the scent. It has a slight smell of freesias, which I am not of a fan, but after about 10 minutes it goes away. I love, love, love this thick Nivea-esque cream and the way it moisturises and makes my face feel amazing.

I was definitely pleasantly surprised by all three skin care products – I alas thought they were just a “pretty face” but I was so wrong. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they are really great products. What’s that old adage – never judge a book by it’s cover? Well you can with these babies, they’re are amazing.

glamourflage amazon amyAmazon Amy Body Sunscreen SPF30+ – $32.95 RRP – There are no two ways about it. Amy is dangerous!  Yes, she’s a danger to your restraint and your inhibitions….She’ll try anything once, twice if she likes it and three times to make sure.  Yes, we can resist anything except temptation and Amy is temptation personified!

Fabulously non-greasy and light – two features I look for in a sunscreen and Amazon Amy fits these to a T! It has a faint aroma of grapefruit which is a nice change from all the coconut scented sunscreens out there on the market. I can’t wait to take Amy with me to Vegas and lather her on when I’m beside the pool. I’ll be sun-smart AND stylish.

glamourflage sultry sophie

Sultry Sophie Lip/Cheek Stain – $21.95 RRP  – Sophie has a BA in bantering, a Masters in mincing and a Phd in philandering. When anyone complains, she gives a secret smile and says ‘ Life’s hard – get a helmet’! For tomorrow, as Scarlett O’Hara so succinctly put it, is indeed another day!

I believe I may have been Sophie in another life as I definitely have a Masters in mincing! My favourite by far of all the Glamourflage products is this lip/cheek stain. I love the way it gives a subtle hint of “my lips but pinker” look to my lips. It’s also a little glossy and not drying which is so refreshing in a stain. What do you think?

sultry sophie lip stain


Glamourflage is stocked within Asia Pacific, but for all my northern hemisphere babes keep an eye out – some products may appear in an upcoming give-away, so stay tuned. 

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