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A Photo An Hour; A Day In The Life of Rosie…

We all lead crazy, hectic lives. It seems like everyone I speak to lately is a busy little beaver. Whether it’s working 9-5 or running around after your kids (how do you do it?!) or even just a weekend jam-packed with errands and appointments and all round funsies, I can safely say there aren’t enough hours in the day!

As I’ve shared journal entries in the past I thought it’d be fun to show you a “photographic journal” of a day in the life of me – this past Saturday to be specific. I wouldn’t want to show you a weekday as it’d be 8 photos of me sitting in front of my laptop – über interesting…NOT!

So here’s a little look inside my life. I took a photo every hour (yes I had an alarm on my phone and yes it got very annoying by the end!) to document my Saturday, enjoy…

window shopping

9:30am – Window shopping and enjoying all the pretty things


10:30am – Another successful dentist appointment, only a check and clean! 

coffee and twitter catchup

 11:30am – Hanging out with a coffee and catching up on my Twitter feed

waiting for massage

12:30pm – Waiting for my massage appointment. Trying out a new therapist today and hoping they’re good!

level crossing

 1:30pm – feeling blissed out and relaxed after my massage and walking back to my car


2:30pm – thinking an afternoon nap is in order but Hamish has beaten me to it, so it’s the couch it seems!kardashians

3:30pm – after a lovely nap it’s time to watch some mindless telly – thank you KUWTK!!dinner!

4:30pm – making an early dinner; coconut baked chicken with lemon and mushroom zoodles. It was pretty bloody yummy!

what to wear

5:30pm – prepping for the night out – oh what to wear?!crown rooftop

6:30pm – had to pop in two pics because the rooftop was just gorgeous. Kristina and I had tickets to see Absinthe on the Crown rooftop. It was a gorgeous night.

absinthe rooftop

7:30pm – show time! We laughed so hard during the show I think I actually cracked a rib!


Now I get to do it all again this weekend, starting with the Backstreet Boys concert tonight! What’s on for your weekend dollface?

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      • Wow, I would never guess it to be a point and shoot! Seriously it’s such great quality pics that look professional!!! And yeah same! I have a point and shoot as well and hope to work my way up 🙂

      • It was a little daunting thinking about forking over all that $$$ for a camera when I really don’t know what I’m doing so thought I should start small. Thanks Victoria xo

  1. Awesome pics! I once thought I’d set myself a similar challenge but man it was boring! Might have to give it a go on a weekend too haha.
    This weekend will hopefully be a bit low key. I hope I get a few work outs in and just get everything reset for next week. It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday but we don’t have any plans (my mother in law is away and my mum has to spend the day getting my dad to the airport for work). Oh, and on Saturday we’re getting our flu shots – thrilling stuff!

    • Thanks dollface 🙂 I’ve seen it out there on the blogosphere and always thought my day wouldn’t be too exciting but it’s fun to see it in photo form xx

  2. You’re amazing at photography! Love your blog would be so cool if you could check out mine 🙂 xxx

  3. Your photos are so cool! I wanted to ask you what camera you use and I read your comment above. I love Sony cameras!! They’re so simple and always take amazing photos. I LOVED this post! It looked like such a nice day. =)

    • Thanks gorgeous! This camera was recommended to me by a photographer friend and I love it. I wanted something that was no fuss and easy to use. It’s ticking all the boxes so far 😊😊😊

  4. Awww I love this post! What a fab idea! Hamish is hilarious, he’s looking at you like “bish can I help you?” So great to see snapshots of your life, I miss you so much ♥

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