30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 4: Boyish Look

ootd_boyish look

Day 4: Try a boyish look – 

As the youngest of four (and the youngest of all the cousins on both sides) you better believe I had some hand-me-downs to wear in my life! Regardless of whether the clothes were designed for boys or girls I had to wear them. My biggest gripe about wearing my brother’s cast-offs came in primary school when we had to wear an art smock during our painting classes and instead of a funky, colourful, handmade smock (like all the other girls were wearing) I had to wear an old plaid Miller button down shirt during these classes. I hated it so much but looking back they were so cool!

If you told me that 30 years later I’d be buying a similar shirt I would have slapped you!

ootd_boyish look3

Skirt: Sussan Long Sleeved Plaid Shirt: Kmart (similar hereBoots: Kmart Sunglasses: Quay (similar here)

ootd_boyish look4What were the worst hand-me-downs you had to wear? 




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  1. Luckily I was the oldest, so I didn’t have a tonne of hand me downs. But I did get some from my older cousin every now and then. Usually it was gorgeous dresses my Nan had sewn so that was okay 🙂

  2. I was the youngest, too! Out of the siblings, cousins, and even my friends (although that’s changing as I get older). I never really had too many qualms about hand-me-downs… I liked most of what I got. My grandmother did put me in a terrible lacey get-up that looked like it was from the Victorian era (long sleeves, super high neckline, and all!). I was about 13 and I was so, so embarrassed. haha!

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