30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 6 & 7: Special Item/Jewellery


Day 6: Wear the item you’ve been ‘’saving’’ for a special occasion & Day 7: Focus on your jewellery – 

You know my motto dollface – Every day is special, hence why I don’t really have any pieces in my wardrobe that I “save” for special occasions. I got rid of that thinking years ago when my dad had a stroke and gave us all a scare. I realised every day is precious so make the most of it and wear your finest every day because you can’t admire things if they’re hidden away. That also includes your fabulous personality – don’t go hiding that shit and “saving” it for rare occasions, make sure to bring out your best, ALWAYS!


I digress from my philosophical self and bring you a combined Day 6 & 7 of the 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge. This DKNY watch was a gift from my mum and dad and I absolutely adore it! Most times I don’t think to wear it because it’s “special” – pure nonsense! I am special, today is Saturday, so THAT’S special…you get where I’m going!

jewellery4Owl be heading off to a party later on tonight (sorry, you know I love a pun!) what’s on for your weekend?


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  1. Love your message today Rockets & totally agree that everyday is special! X
    ps yes I have subscribed & I get your emails everyday.First Twitter & now this…I can do anything lol

  2. I love this so effing much and I love you! You better carpe the f*ck out of that diem honey. These pics are GORGEOUS too! Such pretty trinkets. Big love to Mama & Papa Tonks ♥

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