30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 17: “Winterize” A Summer Skirt

ootd_winterize summer skirt

Day 17: Winterize your favourite summer skirt – 

Ugh, winter! Look, don’t get me wrong, I love the fashion in winter but I do NOT love the weather. It seems like with each passing year I grow less accustomed to the cold and complain more and more! And what’s with the wind in Melbourne?! As you can see in the pic (above) it’s just a constant during these cooler months and can get very dangerous when you’re wearing a skirt (not that my skirts ever blown up and shown my intimates to the world *ahem*)!

ootd_winterize summer skirt2I really love this look of “winterizing” (Is that even a word? And I detest “Z’s” instead of “S’s” in words! I speak nothing but the Queen’s English!) one of my fave summer skirts that I bought a few years ago. I would never have thought to add tights and boots to it but I’m really digging the combo and the way I can resurrect it during the cooler months.

ootd_winterize summer skirt3

Coat: Kmart, Knit: Mix Apparel, Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Kmart

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  1. Turns out I “winterize” a lot, lol. I love my skirts and dresses and I love tights. I have a bunch of patterned sheer black stockings, they’re great for jazzing up a plain dress. Add boots and denim jacket and away you go! Boo to the wind. x.

    • I accidentally deleted this comment but I’m a genius and now it’s RECOVERED!!LOL!! After I did this shoot I realised that I winterise a lot of my outfits too. Seeing as I wear dresses 12 months of the year it’s hard not to 🙂 xx

      • Yay for dresses. I wear jeans a lot but they get boring and you can’t wear them everywhere. But God I love dresses.

      • I fell out of love with pants simply cos I’m a short arse and I was sick of having to hem them – so much easier throwing on a dress and calling it a day 🙂

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