30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 18 & 19: New Tuck and Double Denim


Day 18: Test out a new “tuck” and Day 19: Pair your favourite denim pieces together for a denim-on-denim look – 

What the hell is a new tuck? Surely people have exhausted all the tucks? How many ways are there to tuck a piece of clothing? Can you see my dilemma here?

I thought it best to combine the “tuck” with another look as quite clearly I was stuck for tuck ideas! And what better way to add a little bit of ooh la la to double denim than tying a Carmen Miranda-esque knot in your chambray shirt and sticking a flower on it??!

ootd_tuck&doubledenim2Since debuting my last double denim outfit post I’ve kinda grown fond of the look. I’m not saying that I bust it out regularly but I can see the appeal now. I feel like I’m sort of generating some Mallory Keaton vibes which I’m not too upset about.


Shirt: Kmart, Jeans: (No idea what the name of the store is!! It’s in the Fashion Mall, Las Vegas), Heels: Portmans

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  1. Every time I think I’ve seen a favourite OOTD on you, you insist on slaying me AGAIN! I love this so much! Sassy and cute, and you know I always require a splash of animal print xo

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