30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 23: Forgotten Colour

ootd_colour you havent worn for ages2

Day 23: Wear a colour you have not worn in a while – 

Last summer I was adamant that yellow was THE colour of the season and I tried to wear it as much as possible. It seems with the cooler weather I’d forgotten all about my passion for the citrine hue and reverted back to darker shades. It’s like I became a lemming in this ebony-obsessed city and joined the ranks of the Melbourne Black Brigade!

Well, no more! I’m vowing to stay true to my love of colour and making sure to inject as much as I can into my daily outfits. Don’t you just love the lemon burst of colour?!

ootd_colour you havent worn for ages4

Knit: Dotti, Skirt: Express, Necklace: Lovisa

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  1. LOVE this outfit. Damn you, you are so trendy, my outfits pale in comparison hahahaha. Everything looks good on you 🙂 Is one of the challenges “burlap sack” by any chance? Pretty sure you would rock that too – a few pleats and you’re ready to go hahaha.

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