30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 24: Unexpected Layering

ootd_unexpected layers

Day 24: Layer in an unexpected way – 

I didn’t have very high hopes for today’s Who What Wear prompt of layering pieces in an unexpected way. I had the strapless chevron dress in mind and didn’t really know what to do with it until I popped the long sleeve tee on underneath and it all began to unravel.

In some ways this look reminds me of being a kid and my mum bundling me up in winter before going to school. Regardless of fashion and what looked good (it was the 80s after all!) if she could pop another layer on me she would. The perils of growing up in a post-WWII eastern Europe I guess!

Anyway, by the end of this photo shoot the outfit really grew on me. I mean, if I could throw a flower and a belt on anything I’m sure to wear it! What do you think?

ootd_unexpected layers3

Dress: Big W, Top & Belt: Kmart, Shoes: Coach

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