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Fierce Females: Josephine Baker

jospehine baker

The fabulous Josephine Baker!

Not only was this fierce female one of the first near-nude exotic dancers of her time, she was also a bad-ass secret spy during World War II, carrying information for transmission to England, about the Germans, written in invisible ink on her sheet music – I mean what could be more exciting than that?!

Long before Beyonce there was the original Queen “Bay”….Josephine Baker that is! She was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress and was the first African American to be in a movie AND a world famous entertainer. She was most well known for very risqué costume of a skirt made of bananas (above) and little else – ooh la la! She was also rather well paid for the time (you go girl!) and would spend her money on clothes, jewellery (a girl after my own taste) and exotic pets, like her leopard Chiquita!

This Sunday I don my pearls and toast Josephine Baker, an exceptionally talented diva who led the way for not only African Americans, but for women everywhere. Her shit really was bananas – B.A.N.A.N.A.S!

jospehine baker2

Daaaaaaaaaaaayuuuuum! Where do I get this outfit?!

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  1. I am so obsessed with Auntie Jo! She was a trailblazer and an icon- LOVE HER legacy so much! My fave in the series so far! p.s. I’m wearing the banana skirt right now *flips hair*

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