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Imperial Leather Indulgence Body Wash

imperial leather body wash

*This post has been sponsored by Imperial Leather – all opinions are 100% my own

Beauty blogger confession time; sure I love how make-up and skincare products can transform you and how a swatch of red lipstick could change your day, but my favourite beauty products of all time would have to be body wash. Yep, I go gaga over the humble shower gel!

This obsession started when I was living in Japan and I would treat myself to luxury shower gels that had gorgeous packaging. I would have a variety of different scents in my shower room (it really was a room, I’ll tell you about how fabulous it was sometime!) and would start my day with exotic florals or zingy citric aromas.

imperial leather body wash trio

This obsession still carries on today, but on the budget-friendly scale, with at least two shower gels going at any one time – hey, I like choice! So when the lovely people at Imperial Leather asked if I wanted to try their new Indulgence range I jumped at the chance.

The new range comes in three scents (a ménage à trois if you don’t hardly mind!) Effortless; a gorgeous and zesty citrus and white gardenia fragrance, Beautiful; my fave! It’s a mixture of jasmine, lychee and peony and smells just like being on holiday and Precious; a refreshing rosewater and sandalwood scent sure to wake you up in the morning! All of them contain Argan oil, which leaves my skin feeling super soft as well as smelling divine. There’s just no way I could go back to a crusty old bar of skin-drying soap when there are these fabulous moisturising gels on the market!

imperial leather body wash6

Are you a shower gel or old fashioned soap lover?

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  1. I love shower gel! But Imperial Leather soap is what my Grandfather always used so I have very fond memories whenever I smell their soap. I would totally give this range a go though depending on how budget friendly it is 🙂

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