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I Heart LV: Part Two – Food!


**One of our fave spots for brekky or a late night snack**

Boy oh boy, talk about food, glorious food! I would have to admit that I have pretty good self control and discipline when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet day to day but all of that goes right out the window when I touch down in Vegas (or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter!). I’m a huge foodie and generally love to eat just about anything, so the rindonkulously large portions make me a little bit happy in my special place…my tummy that is, you filthy animals!

This last trip was no exception with each meal seemingly bigger than the last. I figure I’m on vacay so give me ALL OF THE FOOD, as that’s one of the great things about travelling, being able to indulge in the local fare. Admittedly, I hardly ate anything that could be deemed as gourmet, but one thing I love about going to the U.S. is even if you attempt to be healthy (like I did with my chicken salad, below) it still comes with something deep fried!

I wanted to share some of the fabulous food we indulged in over the week. Some meals weren’t captured as we were either just too hungry or drunk to take pics! I hope you enjoy and it doesn’t make you too hungry.


**Mmmmm pancakes!**

LV_Food_CheersFromRosie**Delicious mouthwatering watermelon margarita @ Pink Taco at HRH**

**T-L; the only place you get onion rings with your chicken salad @ Mr Lucky’s, T- R; delicious agnolotti @ Ferraro’s Italian, B- L & R, Truffle Mac n’ Cheese and chopped salad @ The Flamingo**

I could not go passed trying the truffle mac n’ cheese and it didn’t disappoint. It was so creamy and delicious and felt like I had a little piece of America right in my mouth!

LV_Food_Shrimp Caesar Salad

**Shrimp Caesar salad @ Culinary Dropout**
LV_Food_TheVerbena at the Chandelier

**The Verbena @ The Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan**

This was a very bizarre drink! The cocktail itself is like an alcoholic lemonade, very refreshing and tasty. The draw card to the drink is the little flower bud inside which you chew on. It releases a chemical reaction in your mouth that sets of a tingling sensation that feels like you’ve just eaten a packet of pop rocks! It’s meant to change the taste of the drink, which it didn’t for me. All it did was make me feel like I’d licked a cane toad!!


**Pretzel bun, turkey sandwich with ‘slaw @ Culinary Dropout**

LV_Food_Fruit Plate at Mr Luckys

**I occasionally DID eat healthily, OK it was rare, fruit platter @ Mr Lucky’s**

LV_Food_Nachos at Mr Luckys

**Now that’s more like it! Dirty big pile of nachos @ Mr Lucky’s**
LV_Food_French Onion Soup at

**Delicious French Onion Soup @ The Flamingo**

LV_Food_Pretzels and Fondue

**Pretzel bites with cheese fondue @ Culinary Dropout**

These pretzel bites (and the pretzel bun, above) are all made in house at the Culinary Dropout and they are just divine! Oh so tasty and more-ish and the cheese fondue dip just elevates them into the  “amaze-balls” category!


**T-L; good ol’ vodka, lime and sodas @ Hard Rock, B-L; Moscow Mules by the pool, R; refreshing bevvies @ Hennessey’s in Old Vegas**

I hope you’ve enjoyed my travel posts from Sin City! Next week we head back to normal programming, but for now I’m going to savour the last drops of my vacay and stare longingly at these pics!

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