OOTD: More Issues Than Vogue!

ootd_more issues than vogue3

Online shopping gets me every. single. time! You can imagine how many newsletters I’m signed up to being the fashion and beauty slave that I am and all it takes is a little “hey Rosie, we have something you’ll absolutely gag over” kinda intro and I’m hooked. Case in point was an email from Cotton On spouting my two favourite words in the English language; SALE and BARGAIN – can you feel me now?

They had this amazing Def Leppard tee and another style on sale for $5 each so then I had to spend up to $50 to get free shipping – so I was MAKING money in the long run! Trawling through the sale items I came across this midi tube skirt and I was in love. It also helps that it was down to $10!

ootd_more issues than vogue

The shoes were also another ridiculous sale item from my latest Vegas haul – Ralph Lauren pumps from T.J. Maxx for $39.99!! Looking on the RL website now to see what a similar style would go for and they’re asking for something stupid like $625! I believe I may do a victory lap around my desk; #winning

The piece de resistance though is this fabulous top from Forever 21. It’s sassy to a tee (see what I did there?) and appeals to my inner Anna Wintour. All these pieces separately are adorable but I think as an ensemble they’re on FIRE! What do you think?

ootd_more issues than vogue2

Can I get an amen?! No, I mean, really, I have no issues at the moment. Which is the first time in a long time! So can I get an amen??

ootd_more issues than vogue6

T-shirt: Forever 21 (similar here), Jacket: Cotton On (similar here),  Skirt: Cotton On Shoes: T.J. Maxx Necklaces: Gifts

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  1. I love the outfit!! Very cute and very cool. I get a bit crazy about Cotton On. I have made a vow that next pay, I’m spending up big for the whole family all at once haha

  2. You’re about to make me use up my entire supply of “YAAAASSSS” all at once! This outfit is so hot! You look like a stack of fresh hundred dolla bills. I love all of it and what a goshdarn bargain! ♥

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