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Physicians Formula Argan Oil

physicians formula argan wear oil2

I’m finding more and more as winter hits its dreary depths of despair (boo, can you tell I’m ready for spring?) that my skin seems to be getting drier and drier and that body lotions aren’t cutting it any more. Years ago I used to use baby oil when my skin got super dry but I felt it was a little too messy and oily (duh! it’s oil, Rosie, I hear you all say!).

Lately I’ve been hearing all the rage about Argan oil and how amazing it is for your skin and hair. Now, I’m not going to pretend to know what the hell Argan is and I know you’re all pretending to know what it is too, so I’ve done the Googling for the two of us and Argan is a type of tree (and here I was thinking it was some kind of vegetable!) found in Morocco.  It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E – hooray! Just what my dry skin is in dire need of. physicians formula argan wear oil

I picked up this bottle of Physicians Formula Argan Oil in Touch of Gold  from CVS in Vegas for approx $15.  It’s regular Argan oil but with flecks of gold glitter through it (see the swatch below) – fancy. It claims to be a multi-tasking miracle and can be used as a moisturiser, primer, brightener, protector and treatment. It can be used on your face, body, hair and nails. That’s one hell of a product!

I’ve used the oil on my body and face and I can safely say I’m a fan of the glitter all over my body BUT not so much on my face. It looks like I’ve sprinkled some pixie dust and am off to some bad 90s rave! So no, I shall not be using it as a primer or brightener again in future.

As a body moisturiser is where this Physicians Formula oil really excels. It’s instantly absorbing which is fabulous and what I need after showering and applying in the morning before getting dressed for work (unlike baby oil which leaves me slippery and too oily to get dressed right away). The flecks of gold make me feel like I have a subtle tan happening and I can’t wait to see how it’ll look in the warmer months with the sun reflecting off it.

physicians formula argan wear oil swatchA multi-tasking miracle perhaps not, but Physicians Formula Argan oil is a great all over body moisturiser. Are you a fan of Physicians Formula products?


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