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The Original Beauty Blender

beauty blender original sponge3 As a fully fledged member of the make-up obsessed club I absolutely love perving on other women (and drag queens) to see how they apply their make-up. Everyone has their own styles and techniques and I’m always on the look out for ways to improve my skills.

So as I was perving on Karen’s technique during our Vegas vacay I noticed she was using the Beauty Blender – the current holy grail item to all beauty bloggers. She raved about how great it is and told me I just HAD to buy one at our next Sephora run.          beauty blender_steps 1,5and 6 Before trying out the Beauty Blender I had flashbacks to using one of those triangular rubbery make-up sponges back in the day when I had to have full stage make-up in Japan and I shuddered. Those things are hideous and do nothing but leave behind a streaky mess of foundation.

Ever since then I’ve gone with using my fingers to apply my foundation until my MUA at Sephora told me it was a horrible waste of make-up as you end up using more than needed and he convinced me that using a brush was the way to go. So for the past year I’ve been happily using my make-up brushes thinking I was being all profesh – but now I have seen the light! beauty blender_steps 2-4 I grabbed the “original” Beauty Blender which is for foundation, BB/CC creams and cream blush. Once out of the tube you need to soak it in some water and towel dry it and you’re good to go. I left it to dry overnight, but I’ve seen recommendations to use it while it’s still damp so your make-up will go on smoother and look dewy.

I can safely say that I’m a convert and absolutely love this awesome pink sponge! It’s so simple to use and I find that the miracle material used (essence of unicorn mane? shavings of mermaid tails?) helps create better blending than using my foundation brush which sometimes leaves noticeable brush strokes. The recommended shelf life for the Beauty Blender is three months, but I will have to extend the life of this one a little longer til Sephora opens its doors in Melbourne in December! They go for $19.95USD so I’ll be curious to see the mark-up here in Oz will be. beauty blender original sponge2

Are you a fan of the little pink egg??

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE my beauty blender!!! I saw it on some youtube clips earlier this year and bought one online. They are just brilliant and easy to use, especially for a dumbass makeup applier like me!

  2. I haven’t tried this product but I do love the Real Techniques sponge and it’s a lot more affordable! 🙂 xo

  3. After having read this post the other day I was in good ol’ Kmart on the weekend and saw a knockoff version of this. Now I don’t know about being part unicorn, but it certainly is tonnes better than my foundation bush… no streaks or smears! I am converted. Meanwhile my foundation brush was something like $20 (like 2 years ago) and the Kmart knockoff is $4!!!!! Insane!!!
    I have only tried it with the BB Cream Foundation so far which is very light. I haven’t tried it on full on going out level foundation yet hahaha.

  4. OMG HALLLP! I bought one of these when we were in the States but I used it dry and ended up looking a hot mess haha! Scarred for life and haven’t tried again but you’ve inspired me. Pray for me innit x

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