OOTD: Going Dotty!

OOTD_going dotty

Ever have those days where  you just can’t think straight? (All the time I hear you say!) Last Friday I was having the toughest time trying to pop together a spread sheet for work (*sigh* spread sheets) and I knew exactly how I wanted it to look but for the life of me I couldn’t work out how to do it. For hours I just stared at this thing willing it to format itself as my brain could NOT do it. It was driving me nuts and I honestly thought I was going dotty!

Speaking of going dotty, (see what I did there?!) I’m loving this combo of polka dots which is a nice change from the usual stripes that I’ve been known to wear to death. This high-waisted skirt is a recent purchase from my last Vegas haul and it’s fabulous as the elasticated waist is super handy after lunch, let me tell you!

Have you been a bit dotty lately? I’m blaming it on the impending change of season and all the extra pollen in the air!

OOTD_going dotty3 OOTD_going dotty4 OOTD_going dotty6

 Skirt: Francesca’s, Shirt & Boots: Kmart, Necklace: Lovisa

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  1. Hands down the cutest effing outfit ever! Love the clashing dots, and haven’t I been trying to nab that necklace for years? Next time I see you, it’s mine ♥

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