OOTD: Jungle Vibes

OOTD_jungle vibes

Ever heard the expression “the city is a concrete jungle”? Most Some days I could quite happily stay at home and never venture out and interact with people. People are just plain mean or stupid (maybe I’m the mean one) and hurt my brain! I may come across as an extrovert but really I’m not. Have you ever done one of those online personality tests? According to this one I’m an INFJ, which apparently only makes up less than one per cent of the population! Told you I was special!! According to the test I should be a diplomat – watch out world.

OOTD_jungle vibes2

OOTD_jungle vibes4

On those days when the world seems particularly jungle-like I like to be prepared and wear something to help me out. An outfit that makes me feel strong and fierce and ready to tackle the dangers of the big, bad world. This is one such outfit!

This skirt was a recent purchase from T.J. Maxx in Vegas and was a total bargain at $10! I absolutely love the pattern and the blue and green details in it. And obviously one can’t be expected to be fierce and ready to dominate without a statement necklace.
OOTD_jungle vibes8

Skirt: T.J. Maxx, Top & Heels: Kmart, Shrug: Pilgrim Hat: Just Jeans, Necklace: Portmans

What’s your personality type?

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  1. ENFP – 7% of the population and Cousins to your own personality type apparently! 😀 how fun! Enjoyed the link (and lived the outfit!)!

  2. Ma’am this outfit just gave me everything I didn’t know I needed! Absolutely adore the print of the skirt, and goshdarn it that lippie is perfection! The blues look great on you hunty. I loved the quiz and for the first time with one of these things, the results were freakishly accurate. I’m an ESFJ: “Extraordinarily caring, social and popular, always eager to help.” And also hypersensitive to criticism and conflict (a wuss LOL). Spot on! xx

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