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Flower Beauty Mini Haul

flower makeup haul

Years ago on my first trip to the U.S. I had my initial experience with the fabulousness that is a suburban Walmart. For four months I’d been a summer camp counsellor in Pennsylvania and got the taste for the giant superstore! Where else was I able to pick up supplies like tampons and deodorant as well as grabbing a bag of Twizzlers and peanut butter M&Ms and window shop for guns (I shit you not, this shocked me the most!)?

Fast forward 10 years and I’d started blogging and delving into the world of make-up and learning about the latest and greatest. I’d heard that Drew Barrymore had started a line called Flower Beauty and was slightly devastated that it was only available in Walmart…in AMERICA! Not fair!! I had a brief introduction to Flower Beauty through a beauty box swap with Etta from Etta’s Threads when she sent me a gorgeous lippy – check out the video here (yes, I made a video – my ONE and ONLY video!). Since then I like to grab a mini haul of Flower make-up whenever I’m in the U.S. This last trip was no exception!

flower makeup haul2

flower makeup haul3

As I’d loved my last tube of lipstick so much I wanted to pick up some more and chose another Kiss Stick in Sweet Peony on a whim and must admit I love it! It’s a soft, pink/blush colour (below) – a shade I haven’t been wearing a lot lately (hello purples!). It has a creamy formula with a very moisturising texture but alas it’s not long lasting. I probably got about an hours wear out of it before I have to reapply. But at $6.98 it’s such a bargain that I can reapply til my hearts content!

sweetpeony collage

I also picked up a Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby in Rosie Posie ($9.98) simply for the name alone and I actually love the shade! It’s a lovely brown-y/pink colour that works so well on my lips and cheeks (see below). Usually I’m not a fan of the lip and cheek combo sticks as the colours just don’t work for both areas, but this one is a winner. I love the way it gives my lips a “my lips my better” tint. It’s also really creamy and feels more like a balm than a lipstick. Again, the wear isn’t that great. It lasts for about an hour before it needs reapplying.

flower lip and cheek chubby swatch and lips

Next up I grabbed a tube of the new Intensif-Eye Volumising Mascara ($7.98) which has a “3-way” brush which sounds way more exciting than it is *ahem, 3 way, ahem*. This new brush is meant to give you 360° lash coverage which is a bit of bullshit if you ask me! Don’t get me wrong, I do like it but it’s not very volumising and feels like any old mascara. The brush is maybe a tad better than most as it does comb and separate and I’ve been using it in combo with my other actual volumising mascaras to comb out any clumps.

Last, but not least, is another new product in the Flower range; That’s So Kohl Eyeliner ($7.98) in Espresso. This is a great chunky eyeliner that glides on really easily and has a little rubber tip for smudging which is always handy. It claims to last for 12 hours which I find isn’t the case as it tends to wear and crease quite easily on my oily lids. Regardless, I’m a fan of the dark brown shade and it’s a nice break from the regular black liner I wear.

On my next trip (whenever that may be) I’d love to try out the new Flower Eyewear line – I think these Lauren frames would look just darling on me! And don’t get me started on the sunglasses – I want them all!!

Are you a Flower Beauty fan?

flower_volumising mascara wand

flower_thats so kohl

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  1. It always trips me out how people from other countries are so fascinated by Walmart. I find that most Americans kind of groan and accept the fact that sometimes you just have to go there. lol! I do have a flower lipstick in a super pale peach color that I kind of love/hate. It’s weird… some days I love the color and other days I’m like… what was I thinking? haha! I’m glad you were able to stock up!

  2. Window shopping for guns still weirds me out and I live here (and in a very gun owner-friendly state too)!

    I have seen the Flower stuff at Walmart but keep forgetting to check it out. One day… 😀

  3. BABE! Loved this post, your pics are always so pretty! You have to stawp, I have a serious problem with hoarding lip colours and you’re killing me. Ooh is Walmart that massive wonderland we popped into in NYC, after our last supper at the Italian place? Xx

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