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Laque Lift Review

laque lift

 ***This post has been sponsored by Laque Lift– all opinions are 100% my own***

Is there anything more satisfying than picking off your shellac when it starts to lift at the edges? Oh so satisfying, but so terrible for your nails. Something I’ve learnt time and time again when I’ve been too lazy to go back to the salon to have it taken off and pick it all off instead. Then I have to endure months of brittle nails until they’ve grown out and start from scratch again; needless to say I repeat the same cycle every time!

Well instead of giving into temptation and peeling off all my lacquer I turned to Laque Lift this time around to remove my chipping manicure.  Laque Lift is Australia’s first, at home, pre-soaked gel polish remover and I couldn’t wait to see if it was as easy as it looked.

laque lift2

Just like being at the salon all it took was 7 easy steps (above) but with the convenience of being at home (and with only 15 minutes to spare before The Bachelor began – DON’T JUDGE ME!). The pack includes 30 individual wipes; perfect for 3 removals, a nail file and cuticle stick.

First up, go to town filing and buffing off as much of the top layer of polish off. Next you rip off the top off each pocket and shove your nail in making sure the little moist towelette is sitting on top of your nail. Secure the little package with the sticky strip provided and hold tight for 10 minutes. Once your time is up use the cuticle stick to rub off the polish. It’s as simple as that!

The wipes are pre-soaked with a special blend of acetone, perfume, UV sunscreen and moisturisers which work together like magic (just quietly I think they also use essence of unicorn tears) to remove gel polish quickly and gently off your nails – et voila!

nails after laque liftAs I mentioned I only spent about 15 minutes doing them as THE BACHELOR WAS BECKONING – (it’s almost time for home visits people!) and you can see there are flecks of polish still left on, but I think if I spent a little more time buffing them and left the pocket on for longer all of my polish would have been removed.

I was super impressed with Laque Lift and I will definitely use these again when I’m in a bind and can’t afford get back to the salon. It retails for $19.95 (remember that’s for a pack of 30 wipes) or you can buy in bulk and get 100 wipes for $49.95 – now that’s a bargain!

Are you a filthy shellac picker too?!

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  1. Ooh! So this is what you were trying! It sounds pretty neat. About a year ago (or more…?) I Googled what to do because I just wanted them off asap. I found that you can get acetone (not regular nail polish remover), pour some in a little bowl, soak your fingers for a few minutes, and slowing start to lift the polish from your nails. Worked like a charm but was messy and stinky. haha!

  2. Hahahaa I know how much you love the peeling boo. Ooh yes the soaking in acetone method is definitely stinky and having the liquid in an open bowl means you breathe in all the nasty fumes. My fave and super cheap method is: Buy pure acetone from the chemist (such good value), file off the top layer of the gel polish, soak bits of cotton wool, place on top of the nail and wrap each finger with foil. Super quick, the polish lifts off in easy chunks and you’re not breathing in the nasties xx

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