OOTD: Golden Kicks!

ootd_golden kicks3

Well, it was bound to happen one day…I’m all heeled out! After a crazy weekend of being on my feet for more than 8 hours a day (something I haven’t done since working in retail!) and then schlepping around the city on my fabulous “single lady date for one” the other night I can safely say my feet/shins/calves/everything is SORE!! Ugh fluid retention is the worst!

The thing is you see, I wear heels every day but I hardly walk around in them. Once they’re on it’s a short walk out to my car then I drive all the way into work, park down stairs and then take a short walk to the café to grab my morning latte then take the elevator up to my office and then proceed to sit on my ass for the next 8 hours (with short toddles off to the loo or the kitchen) then it’s back into the car and home again. This is how I can wear heels comfortably 5+ days a week!

ootd_golden kicks2Today I decided to leave the heels at home and give my feet a much needed rest and popped together an OOTD that was reminiscent of my June wardrobe challenge and went with a casual LBD for the office. Like I’ve mentioned a few times, my office has a pretty relaxed dress code but like you all know I always like to pimp it out a bit. I mean who would be upset with me wearing a pair of gold sneakers at the photocopier?!

I bought these babies in Vegas for something ridiculous like $11! They were the only pair left and just like Cinderella they were the perfect fit. Already on sale and oh so cheap I still managed to haggle them down further as one of the shoelaces was damaged = #winning!

Are you a flats or heels wearer to work? How to you take care of your sore, aching feet? I think I’m going to take the opportunity this long weekend to have a looooooong hot soak in the tub!

ootd_golden kicks5

ootd_golden kicks4

Sneakers: Shoe Palace  Dress: Target  Belt: Kmart  Clutch: Bali

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