OOTD: Neon Dreams


Can we talk about something that has been flooding my Facebook feed? Yesterday (and today depending on where you are in the world) was Back To The Future day. Yep, according to the movie reference Marty McFly flew into the future from 1985 to October 21 2015 – but here’s the thing people; THAT WAS IN THE SEQUEL! So shouldn’t it be referenced Back To The Future II day??

What I do know is that 30 years ago when the original movie first came out I was in my first year of primary school and all I wanted to do was to share my awesome vocal talents *ahem* and sing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go to my teacher and the whole class (true story!). I blame my sister who was, and still is, a massive Wham! fan and I guess I was also a fan, more so of the fabulous neon clothes they wore in the video.


Today’s OOTD is a little nod to George and Andy and really does put a boom-boom into my heart! I grabbed this skirt from Asos the other day (when I was busy buying my gorgeous fringe skirt) on a whim not really thinking it would be worn very much only because I wasn’t sure what to team it with. At first I thought I should tone it down by wearing a plain white tee with it, but where’s the fun in that? Instead I busted out my fabulous neon pink blouse from Forever 21 and it was like the 2 pieces were made for each other!

Talk about making the sun shine brighter than Doris Day…. (sorry, I’ll stop with the references!)


And what neon outfit would be complete without a neon clutch?


Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Asos, Shoes: Zara, Clutch: Francesca’s

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  1. hahahaha you win the internet award today for referencing my love of Wham! !! I heart Yog and Andy and love your OOTD too.

  2. Bish you betta wake me the eff up before you go go! YAAAASSS!! I’m not planning on going solo, because I want to be by your side as you slay in this gorgeous outfit! The colours are perfection shnookums, I absolutely love it ♥♥♥

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