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Fierce Females: Barbara Feldon

barbara feldonTotally digging that houndstooth, 99!

As a kid I don’t think a weekend went by when I didn’t sit down with the family and enjoy watching an episode of Get Smart. We’d all laugh at Max’s stupid antics and I would be enamoured at how beautiful and cool 99 looked in every situation.

Barbara Feldon made appearances in a handful of TV shows back in the 60s but it was her role as bad ass, crime fighting Control Agent 99 in Get Smart from 1695 to 1970 that everyone remembers her for. At a time when most actresses were playing housewives and “girl-next-door” types on TV, Agent 99 went against the grain and was an amazingly strong feminine character. PLUS she did all her crime fighting with a fabulous ‘do and fashion that was to die for!

This Sunday I raise my shoe phone and toast Ms Feldon, a woman that taught me early on that I could be a fabulously fierce female, and a stylish one at that!

get smart_barbara feldonMy weekends weren’t complete as a kid until I watched these two

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    • Right?? How amazing would that be?? You know I always loved their shoe phones because it was so out of this world, if you told little Rosie about iPhones she woulda been hella impressed ☺️☺️

  1. She does look very stylish!

    I don’t remember watching the show much when I was younger, but I certainly know of it! 🙂

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