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Maybelline Brow Satin Review

maybelline satin brow6

Brows, brows, brows!! Everywhere I look and read it’s all about having luscious brows and I just don’t get it. OK, I can appreciate the difference between the terribly over-plucked and and some fabulous caterpillars but I think all these new products designed for amazing brows are just lost on me. What can I say, I’m all about the lipstick y’all!

But of course being the make-up obsessed lass I am I wanted to try the new Maybelline Brow Satin ($16.95) on the immediate! After trying out Brow Drama earlier in the year and being a fan I had high hopes for this new pencil.

Brow Satin is a two-in-one product with one end being a mechanical pencil (no sharpening…woohoo!) and the other a powder filled sponge designed to smudge and fill in any gaps in your brows.

maybelline satin brow4

This was super, super easy to use, as it really is a matter of filling in all the gaps, and for somebody who doesn’t usually do their brows this was a no brainer! The sponge tip felt like there wasn’t a huge amount of product going on (check out the swatch below), which is a good thing I guess, as you don’t want to overdo your brows.

I think I much prefer Brow Drama as it’s more of a setting gel/mascara as I’m really in need of something that keeps those wiry suckers in place, but Brow Satin is a great pencil to use if you have sparse brows. There are three shades to choose from; dark blonde, medium brown and dark brown. I went with the darkest colour and think it was a good match for my naturally dark brows.

maybelline satin brow collage

Am I missing out on not being brow obsessed? Should I be concentrating on my brows more than I do my lippy?

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  1. I’ve kinda jumped on thew brow band wagon, because my blonde ones always disappear…but would love to know the secret to coloured lipstick! I feel like a second rate drag queen every time I wear it and end up wiping off due to embarrassment!! Any tips? 😘

    • Hahahaha Jode I know exactly where you’re coming from. I used to feel that way too! I started off by wearing very light colours until I became comfortable & worked up from there. I bet you look absolutely amazing with a bright red lip! Remember, it’s all about having fun with makeup 💋💋💋

  2. I am a fan of a nice brow but I have come to the conclusion I will just never have those amazingly shaped brows I see floating around on Pinterest. That’s fine by me as getting them groomed tends to be enough of a chore.

    • It’s so disappointing isn’t it? I’ve stopped waxing my brows in the hopes that they’ll grow in thick and full but alas years of plucking and waxing have left me with non lush brows. I think this is why I’m obsessed with lippy – it’s easier to manage LOL! 🙂 xo

  3. I have never used anything on my brows, I have dark blonde/light brown brows so they are pretty obviously there, but apart from normal waxing and a brush to keep them in line I don’t touch them.
    I too have noticed the huge brow obsession of late and didn’t understand them.

  4. Loved this post mama! Eeee that little kitty cat is totes cute! I was obsessing over the Brow Drama when it was released but couldn’t find my shade! Now I MUST try this xo

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